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Home is where the heart is

AAA City Removalists, a trusted moving company, that specialises in Home/Residential Removals conducting over 10,000 successful Moving jobs each year and a Movers portfolio of thousands of satisfied customers in Sydney, NSW and Canberra.

Our Removalists Sydney company is a different breed of removalist than any other in the business. Our teams are consistently trained, know the quickest and safest routes for their heavy vehicles and have one of the safest and quickest delivery times in the Removalists industry.

Based upon this, very few 'Sydney Movers' can humbly boast they are the best choice for your Relocation.

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"The only movers completing 10,00 moving jobs every year"

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"The only movers completing 10,00 moving jobs every year"

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"The recognised leader in the moving industry"

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"We are proud to be celebrating our 13+ years anniversary"

Experienced Removalists

With the knowledge gained through 13 years experience, AAA City Removalist continues its successful relocation services to homes in all over Sydney. Your furniture, electronics devises, interior and kitchen appliances etc are safe in our hands. Our alliance Partners are well trained and supplied with appropriate tools suitable to your home removals.

Benefits of AAA City Domestic Relocations

AAA City provides FREE VIP Card (Valued at $175) to each and every customer. Those who receive this VIP card are granting a VIP crew even at short notice. You will also receive FREE Boxes, FREE mattress wraps, and many more claims.


With a team of highly experienced professional consultants, we serve you better than any other relocation team.


With one of the largest fleet of vehicles in the Domestic Removals industry, we are able to ensure you safe, successful and easy relocations. Why not put us to the test?

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