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Packing Material

Book/Wine Box


Use with polystyrene insert for precious wine.
Also available as a light duty box.
43cm x 40cm x 30cm
Price : $4
free boxes5 100x100 Packing Material

Tea Chest


1 Moving Box
60cm x 43cm x 40cm
Price : $5
free boxes17 100x100 Packing Material

Porta Robe


Use with a hang rail (H) to transfer clothes direct from cupboard to box.
594 x 476 x 1099mm
$12 to hire $20 phh to purchase
free boxes27 100x100 Packing Material

48mm x 75m Tape – Brown


Long standing performer in box sealing.
48mm x 75m – 36 Rolls per carton
Price : $3
free boxes37 100x100 Packing Material

Tape Gun


Price : $15


tape gun 100x100 Packing Material

Butcher paper


2.5 kg $10
5 kg $20 phh
15 kg $60
butcherpPapper 100x100 Packing Material

Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser


Easy to use, roll the tape on. Comfort Grip handle.
free boxes43 100x100 Packing Material

Standard Grade Quilted Pad – Dark Blue


Ideal pad for moving or storing large and bulky items. Protects against scratches and knocks during transit or storage. Use with Mover Bands to hold pads in place over furniture.
3.4 x 1.8m
free boxes81 100x100 Packing Material

Mover Bands – Medium to suit Moving Pads




free boxes83 100x100 Packing Material

General Purpose Truck Ties – 25mm


A moving essential – general purpose 25mm truck tie. Breaking strength 250kg.
25mm x 50m
free boxes88 100x100 Packing Material

Armstrap Lifting Straps


Two man lift straps – reduces the strain of the load by over half.
free boxes90 100x100 Packing Material

Trolley – Office/Desk Dolly


Shifts large desks and other objects into tight spaces easily. 360 degree non-marking tyres.
500mm wide x 700mm long
free boxes95 100x100 Packing Material

Stretch Wrap – Clear


45020CL / 35023CL
Hold boxes in place on pallets with this quality 20UM handstretch film. Colour – clear.
Also available in: 500mm x 350m x 23um.
500mm x 450m x 20um


free boxes102 100x100 Packing Material

Bubble Wrap (Guaranteed Service)


Optional service available on the truck


bubble wrap 100x100 Packing Material
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