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Spiderman Removalists Sydney

Upto 30% Off: 1 Bedroom unit, 2 Men, Truck (18m3 to 22m3 capacity)

When it's a one bedroom inner city or suburban unit that needs to be moved, or a small office, then Spiderman will be your local neighbourhood hero. Packed with space and plenty of speed, why not let Spiderman swing into action. All trucks come with 2 or the choice of 3 professionally trained Removalists.

Upgrade to 3 Men for an extra $20.00 phh ex GST (job done quicker)

Spiderman Removals

What You Get

removalist_11 2 Removalists
truck_12 18-22m3 Space
tonne_13 Light Truck
bedroom_21 1 Bedroom Studio
outdoor_22 Outdoor and plants
garage_23 Garage Items
employes_31 3 Employees
work_32 Work stations
computer_33 Computers


Table above is a guide only. Individual moves vary in their requirements.

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Service Details



  • Minimum of 2 hour charge applies on all jobs.
  • Rates are billed in half-hour (30 minute) increments; charges are from door-to-door - from the initial pickup location to the final drop off location.
  • You can upgrade to a 3rd or 4th man for $20.00 phh excl. gst.
  • We recommend you take out Insurance for your move - Removal Insurance
  • Our fair half-hour (30 minute) call-out fee applies for Sydney metro, or more for outer limits and country areas to cover return travel time plus a 5% fuel levy.

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