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The 10 Questions You Must Ask Before Renting A House or Unit/Apartment

The 10 Questions You Must Ask Before Renting A House or Unit/Apartment


You’ve looked, view apartments, and now you have your search narrowed down to a select few. Before renting, some questions need to be asked. AAA City Removalist offers the following information on must ask questions before renting an apartment or unit.


With different forms of payment available it is essential to know how the landlord expects you to pay your monthly rent. Will they accept electronic payments? Is there a fee for electronic payments? Will they accept a hand-written check? Does it need to be delivered to the leasing office, or can it be mailed?  What is the grace period before late charges will be applied for late rent? These are all important questions and need to be asked before.

Apartment Entry

While it may not be a visit that is looked forward to; your landlord has the right to enter your apartment. It is essential that you know and understands the entry policy of the landlord. Most often the landlord will provide a 24-hour notice of entry. Be specific, ask about the policy, and if there are circumstances in which they will not provide notice.


Guest Policy

Not all landlords welcome guests. Ask what their policy is for out of town guests that wish to stay with you for a week or longer. Does the property manager need to be notified? Is it necessary for the guest to register with the office? Do they require a parking pass? This information should be outlined in the lease; however, ask the property manager, as well.


What about parking? Is parking included with the rent? Do you have access to one or more designated parking spaces reserved specifically for your unit? If parking is not provided, what are the alternatives? Guest parking? Nearby garages? Street parking? If you are told street parking is easy to find, be wary as everyone in the complex is likely trying to find a spot.

Moving Out

With most rentals, renters are required to give a 30 to 60-day notice before moving out. If the renter does not provide the landlord with the notice, the lease may automatically renew, and your security deposit could be lost. Be certain that you know and understand the move out policy. It should be outlined in your rental lease, as well as discussed with the property manager.


Circumstances arise, and you may find that life is calling you in a different direction. It is important that you prepare for the unexpected. If you need to move on short notice, can you sublet the house or apartment? Some landlords allow subletting, while others are strictly against it.

Upgrades & Décor

Some property owners allow their tenants to make changes such as painting the interior of the home. Some do not. Ask for the landlord to thoroughly outline the policy of what can and cannot be done to the unit.

Future Plans

The plans of the apartment are important. Are their plans for future updates of the apartment? If improvements are planned will you have to deal with construction after business hours? How will it interfere with parking, etc.? Will rent increase?


Are the utilities or service included in the price of the rent? If not, how are the utility costs calculated? Be sure that you understand the utility policy as you will need to budget it in if the utilities and services are not included in the rent for the apartment or house.

Security Deposit

It is not common for the entire security deposit to be returned; but what circumstances require that the entire deposit is kept? Ask the landlord what the rules are of the security deposit. Will the entire deposit be returned it the apartment is cleaned? What do they take off for painting? Etc.

Emergency Repairs

When the toilet is clogged and a plunger won’t do, or the kitchen sink pipe is leaking what is the policy for emergency repairs? Is there an on-call maintenance manager? Can you contact a repair service and submit the receipt? How does the property manager handle emergency repairs?

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