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The Best Packing Techniques For Your Sydney Relocation

The Best Packing Techniques For Your Sydney Relocation


It may not be “real simple,” but it can be made simpler. Moving a household is a complicated task, especially if the relocation is your first. Knowing what to expect and how to conquer the task of moving will make a move less stressful. AAA City Removalist offers the following information for the best packing techniques for your Sydney relocation.


The right size boxes for the right weight items is a key for not getting worn out when loading boxes, as well as minimizing the risk of breakage of the contents within boxes. Pack heavy items like books in small boxes. Pack light items like blankets, pillows, and linens in large boxes. Pack heavier items on the bottom of the boxes and lighter on items on the top. If you are opting for a DIY relocation, pack the heavier boxes towards the front of the moving van or truck as it will help balance the load.

When packing the box eliminate all gaps with packing paper, towels, or clothing. Leaving gaps in a box increases the risk of breakage as items within the box can and will slip around.

When packing up the house, pack room by room as this will make packing quicker and unloading the truck and unpacking the boxes; the process will be smoother. Label each box with the name of the room and a description of the contents within the box.  Recording the contents of each box in a notebook is an excellent way to keep track of inventory. Take the box number and record it in the notebook and under the number include the room and the box contents. When unpacking, check off the boxes to ensure that everything arrived at its new destination.

Tape all boxes well. Use a couple of pieces of packing tape to close the top and bottom seams. Then, make a couple wraps around the edges of the box top and bottom for added strength as these are stress areas.

If you have expensive art to transport, ask your Movers Sydney the best packing technique for the pieces. Do not put oil paintings in a regular paper as the painting will stick to the picture. For pictures with glass over the picture, make an “X” with masking tape across the front of the glass which will help to strengthen the glass and make it easier if the glass shatters. After marking an “X” on the pictures, wrap the pictures in bubble wrap or paper. Pack the pictures in a frame box and place a piece of cardboard in between each picture for added protection. Fill in any gaps with packing paper or clothing.

When packing breakables, bundle. Wrap each dish with packing paper then wrap bundles of five or more dishes together with more paper. Pad the bottom of the box with bunched up paper for padding, and then place the dishes on their sides into the box. Do not put dishes into the box flat. Bunch paper and fill in any gaps on the side of the boxes, as well as cushion the top of the boxes with bunched up paper.  When packing cups and bowls, they can be placed inside one another with the protection of paper between each. Wrap three or four in a bundle and pack them in dish barrel boxes.

Wrap furniture like TVs in quilted furniture pads. If shipping a plasma television and you no longer have the original box, place the TV in a wooden box. The television should be double boxed if packing yourself.

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