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10 Common Mistakes People Make While Moving in Sydney

10 Common Mistakes People Make While Moving in Sydney


No move is glitch free without proper planning. Property owners should not depend on merely throwing items into a box and think that they are ready to transport their items. It is important to properly plan, pack and move. Familiarising yourself with the following top 10 common mistakes that property owners make when relocating will help to ensure a smooth move.

10 Common Mistakes People Make While Moving in Sydney

1. Thinking you can handle the move yourself. While it is nice to think that we are superhuman, typically we are not. Relocations take lots of skill and time in preparing and planning the move. Thinking that you can handle all aspects of your relocation yourself is typically a mistake. There is more to consider than packing boxes. You must consider the weight of the furniture that will be moved, renting the proper equipment to move, load and transport the furniture and household belongings, and the time that you have to spend on your move. Without beginning to plan and prepare for your move at least two months prior to moving day, it is likely that you will require help from a removalist.

2. You wait until the last minute to hire a Sydney removalist. It is not uncommon to think that no one will need moving services on the date that you intend to move. This is a mistake. Moving companies book well in advance, so plan on researching and booking your company at least two months prior to your moving date.

3. You neglect requesting an estimate from the moving company. With no estimate, you leave yourself open to additional costs. Always request an in-house estimate and ensure that all charges and add-on services like any additional insurance a company may offer are included.

4. You neglect contacting your insurance company for additional insurance coverage for the move. Most relocation companies provide transit insurance; however, this is not always adequate insurance coverage for all moves. Discuss the in;surance coverage that the company provides, and contact your insurance coverage for additional coverage for items like antiques and jewelry.

5. Not preparing for fragile and valuable items. Not preparing for fragile and precious items means that you may be leaving yourself vulnerable. Do not wait until the last minute and possibly have them end up in the moving van, instead of secure with you.

6. Forget about the family pets. Too many property owners find themselves looking for their pets on moving day. Like humans, pets feel the stress of a relocation. Locate your pets the day before the move and have them secured in one room like a small bathroom with a sign that reads “DO NOT OPEN – PETS INSIDE”. Also, be fully prepared with water and snacks for your animals on moving day.

7. Neglecting that plants need additional attention when relocating. Plants do need to be properly packed when moving or they can suffer trauma. It is suggested to transplant plants from breakable to non-breakable pots a few weeks prior to your move. Also, check with your moving company to enquire how to pack the plants for the move.

8. Failing to properly label  boxes. When you fail to label boxes correctly, you are setting yourself up for a tremendous strain when you arrive at your new home. Color coordinate boxes with labels so that when you arrive, all the boxes go into their designated room.

9. Neglecting an inventory checklist or not checking one off. Inventory checklists are vital to ensure that all things get loaded and unloaded off the moving van. As you pack your items, make your checklist.

10. Neglecting to pack an essential kit. An essential kit is essential so that you have the items you’ll immediately need when you arrive at your new home. Pack all the first night necessities like snacks, eating utensils, sheets, toilet paper, etc. in one box and have it put in the moving van last.

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