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Common Mistakes You Should Avoid Before and During Moving Day

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid Before and During Moving Day


The decision to move is never easy, but if there is a need, you rise to the occasion and do your best to make the transition easy and hassle-free. Of course, things can get overwhelming, but you have to be aware of common mistakes to avoid them and make the experience unforgettable rather than regrettable.

The good news is that there are professionals like AAA City Removalist that can help with your moving needs. Always remember that you are not alone on this journey. With the right guide, everything will go as smoothly as possible.

To help you get started, here are common mistakes you should avoid before the moving day:

Forgetting to give notice to your landlord

You must confirm your moving date with your landlord, especially if you are renting. Make sure that it will coincide with the end of your lease to avoid paying another month’s rent.

Failing to research moving companies

Customer reviews or feedback are the most effective way to identify the best Moving Companies. It will help if you take the time to read reviews or feedback from companies like AAA City Removalist to make an informed decision.

Do not make the mistake of hiring the first removal company that you can find online. Keep in mind that many companies pose as legitimate entities but are not. Aside from reading reviews, check the company’s affiliations.

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Overlooking utility suppliers

You have to contact the utility suppliers of electricity, gas, phone, and internet to let them know that you are planning to move out. It is critical to do this a few weeks before the move because the moving service will take time.

Keeping old things

Moving to another space is the perfect opportunity to get rid of old things. First, you have to decide what is not worth keeping. Then, if you cut down on the things you bring, it will save you a lot of effort in packing and unpacking.

Spending a lot on packing

Packing takes time, but it does not have to be expensive. The good news is that boxes and newspapers are readily available and frequently free of charge – as long as you know where to find them.

Not labeling the boxes

An essential step in organising your items is putting labels on boxes. Labels can help you and the movers like AAA City Removalist easily identify the categories for quick and safe loading or unloading.

Forgetting to update your address

Whether you are thinking about your bank, building societies, or subscriptions, you must update your address before your moving day. Updating your address will serve as an essential factor in proving your identity.

Your moving day has finally come. It sounds incredible, but there is still a possibility that something might go wrong. To ensure that you have an excellent moving day, you should try to avoid these common mistakes:

Waking up late

Whatever the time of your move is, you have to wake up early because there is always some Last-Minute thing to pack or do. You give yourself enough time by waking up early before the movers arrive.

Packing last-minute

Even if you packed everything the night before, there would still be a few things to pack, like your toiletries, kitchen items, and other perishables. So, after you shower and eat, make sure to pack everything before your movers arrive.

Not doing a final sweep

While waiting for the movers, it is practical to do a final sweep. You have to go and check every nook and cranny for the last time to ensure that nothing is left behind.

Not greeting the movers

As soon as your movers arrive, you have to greet them and give them a tour of the apartment. It is essential to mark fragile furniture or boxes for loading and unloading. It is always a good idea to give time for discussion before loading and unloading.

Leaving before the movers

It is good to stay around until the movers finish loading the boxes. They might have a few questions about the packages, and you get to watch how they systematically put everything inside the truck.

There is indeed a lot of work ahead of you before you can rest and enjoy your new property. Ideally, you settle things two months before your moving day. It can help you identify things you need while still having time for a few administrative tasks like calling AAA City Removalist and asking for information or notifying utility suppliers and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What days should I avoid when moving?
There is no rule when you want to move, but you have to be mindful that avoiding a Friday is practical and economical because some companies charge extra. Also, if you move during the weekend and experience delays or problems, you will have to wait until Monday to sort everything out.

How long will a removal take?
There is no average time for the removal to be completed because it will depend on the staff, how far they have to walk when loading or unloading, and lunchtime. Therefore, it is better to ask the removal company to get an idea.

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