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Dismantling Furniture before Your Move from Sydney to Brisbane

Dismantling Furniture before Your Move from Sydney to Brisbane


Before the removalist arrives, having your furniture dismantled is a great way to save on moving expenses.  However, dismantling furniture requires knowledge.  There’s more to it than just breaking the pieces of furniture down.  Consider the following tips when dismantling your furniture before the movers arrive.

Should You Dismantle?

Before you break out the tool box and begin to dismantle the furniture, ask yourself if it is worth the time and effort of breaking the furniture down and then putting it back together at a new location.  Dismantling and reassembling furniture can be time-consuming.   The process will take twice as long as you expect as the unexpected tends to occur- including losing parts, tools you didn’t realise you’d need,, etc..

Prior to starting to dismantle your furniture, consider the time you have prior to your relocation.  Is the schedule tight?  If so, you likely should not tackle dismantling the furniture to Save Money.  If you have the time to dismantle the furniture, without rushing, then it is likely a good idea as the relocation process will be easier. Sydney to Brisbane Removals offers dismantling furniture in your location. Be sure that you have a container to keep all the little parts like screws,, etc..

Deciding What Should Go

Just because the old chair has been in the home for years, doesn’t necessarily mean you want to move it to the new place.  Go through your furniture, room by room, and decide what you want to relocate to the new home.  What you don’t want, donate to charity or have a yard sale.  Do not take apart furniture that you do not plan on moving to your new home.

Dismantling and Packing Items

When dismantling a piece of furniture, dismantle it in a spot that you have plenty of space and be sure to have a container handy for the little pieces.  Keep all pieces together and mark any pieces that you might have a hard time figuring out where they go when you reassemble the furniture.   Be sure to wrap metal, glass, and wooden pieces so that they do not get damaged. We all search for the Cheap Removalists Sydney.  There are many removalist are in Sydney but only few of them are trusted one.

Let the Movers Do It

Dismantling furniture is a difficult task.  Just as re-assembling the furniture is.  Furniture dismantlers are professionals and if you think you will have trouble, then leave it to the experts.

Furniture removal companies like AAA City Removalist dismantle and Reassemble furniture.  We have professional furniture dismantlers and re-assemblers who have the proper tools and years of experience to ensure a safe dismantle, an easy reassembly and a safe transport.  When having professional do the job, you also don’t have the concern of damage occurring that your insurance will not be responsible for.  We cover all our workmanship as well as transport.

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