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Don’t Throw Away Your Leftover Moving Boxes in Sydney 2024-25

Don’t Throw Away Your Leftover Moving Boxes in Sydney 2024-25


Here Are 9 Creative Ideas for You

Moving is not an easy task. You have to dedicate a few days to it, even if you hire professional movers like AAA City Removalist. The end of moving day is undoubtedly the most rewarding part of the move. But don’t think that you’re done just yet. Just as you head to the kitchen to pop open a cool one, reality will hit. So what do you think you should do with the leftover moving boxes? Read through to find nine creative ideas you can do with your leftover moving boxes.

Storage Boxes

There is no better way to re-use your moving boxes than by using them for storage. But Storage doesn’t always mean they have to be put in the attic or basement. You can redecorate them as organisers for your home for smaller and sturdier boxes. You can paint over them or wrap them with fabric to make them look more presentable. The decorated boxes are especially useful when you don’t have cabinets installed yet. They can make great temporary storage. 

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Gift Boxes

Leftover moving boxes may be a strange option to use as a gift box. However, they are best suited for big or irregular-sized gifts like children’s bicycles or giant stuffed animals. You don’t have to consider how much wrapping you’re going to use. A length of ribbon and some tape can make your present look presentable.

Cat Scratchers

A moving company like AAA City Removalist provides clients with high-quality Boxes to use on their moving day. In addition, the high-quality storage boxes make the perfect material for DIY projects like a cat scratcher. A cat scratcher can be a fun project to do for your cat. You can save up to buy a new one and have fun while making it. There are a variety of ways you can make a cat scratcher out of cardboard. You can look up how to make one online, or you can even eyeball it according to your cat’s preference.

Plant Boxes

Plants are a common housewarming gift. Your friends may give them to you in a small pot. But once you get several plant gifts, you might not know where to place them. Cut and tape the boxes to resize them and your DIY plant boxes are now ready. AAA City Removalist only uses sturdy boxes that are perfect as plant boxes. You can also use shredded cardboard for composting. Just make sure to remove any non-biodegradable materials from the cardboard.

Thank You Cards

You would surely want to thank everyone that was a big help with your move. Cardboard boxes may come in handy when you don’t have time to run to the store to buy thank you cards. Using leftover moving boxes is a unique and creative way of making thank you cards. Your friends and family will surely appreciate your kind gesture. If you’re not too great with handwriting, you can always print and stick it onto the cardboard. You can also use rubber stamps and stickers for a more personal feel. You can also make little gift tags if you plan to give thank you gifts.

A Play House for Your Pet

Moving can be stressful for pets. They have yet to get used to the new environment and have mixed feelings about leaving their old place. Help your pets ease into their new home by creating a fun atmosphere. For example, use the leftover moving boxes to create an improvised pet house for them to play in. The cardboard house can be their haven before you find them a permanent space to settle in.

Drawer dividers

One problem that people encounter in their new homes is storage. Unfortunately, there may be instances where your current storage may not be enough, and you don’t have the budget to buy extra cabinets. You don’t have to buy new Furniture For Storage. Instead, cut the leftover moving boxes into panels to make dividers. The dividers can work with kitchen drawers to separate utensils and cooking tools. You can also use them to separate things in your vanity. Fit the dividers in your drawers accordingly, and you can have an organised storage space.

Dinner Circles

You can re-use any part of your leftover moving boxes, no matter what size. For example, one practical way of using cardboard is for dinner circles that hold your table napkins. Cut thin strips of cardboard and attach their ends to form a ring. Wrap the cardboard ring with fabric, and you have a dinner circle or table napkin ring holder.

Bird Feeder

If you move into a new house with a backyard, this is a good idea for your leftover moving boxes. Bird feeders can be expensive, so re-using boxes is a cheap alternative. Enjoy your new home and watch birds fly onto your property. You don’t have to worry about the boxes’ sturdiness. Movers like AAA City Removalist ensure that they use moving boxes of the highest quality that you can use multiple times. Leftover moving boxes have a lot more usefulness rather than putting them to waste. You only have to think outside the box. To know more call (02) 9737 1111 Or Get A Quote

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