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What To Do Before Downsizing From A 3-4 Bedroom House

What To Do Before Downsizing From A 3-4 Bedroom House


When you talk about moving or relocating homes, the common assumption is that you will be upgrading to a larger home. Recently, however, small and tiny homes have become a massive trend as they are helpful in reducing debt and lessening expenses. While the apparent disadvantage is the lack of space, this has proven to be immaterial as many homeowners believe the pros far outweigh the cons. Thus, the number of people downsizing their homes
continues to soar over time.

Downsizing from a three or four-bedroom house to an apartment will naturally require adjusting and decluttering due to the change in available space. Perhaps you feel like your current home is too big and that most of the space is left unused, or you find it overwhelming to deal with the maintenance with such a large house. Whatever your reasons may be for downsizing, you will certainly see the benefits of living in a smaller space and having a more
minimal lifestyle.

With that said, you may be unsure how to prepare your things for the move, especially if you are relocating to a smaller home. During peak seasons like these times, it is best if you increase the manpower to three removalists to speed up your move. This way, you can go about the more important things, like being with your friends and family during the festive season. Check out these four tips to help you with your transition.

Decide What to Keep

One of the most significant things you will need to do is decide what to keep. The thing about smaller homes is that they force you to decide what matters the most, as you will not have space to keep too many things. If you are downsizing from a three or four-bedroom house, you will certainly have to let go of some of your belongings. With less things, you can also expect the removalist costs to be lower. For example, AAA City Removalist charges based on the number of men and trucks needed for your home.

Parting with your possessions is not easy in any way, as each of your things has sentimental value, no matter how small or big. Thus, it helps to create a kind of system to help you sort through your things. For example, the KonMari method involves holding each item and asking yourself if it sparks joy. If it does, keep it, but otherwise, it may be time to let go. Another method would be the one-year rule, which essentially means you should consider selling or donating an item if you have not used it for a year.

Measure Your Furniture

Measuring your furniture and appliances will be important to help you plan your home layout and determine whether you have enough space to fit everything. As much as possible, you want to make sure your things fit as you envision it before the big move. By planning this early, you can avoid running into problems after the move. At least, if you knew there would be space issues from the get-go, you would be able to think of solutions before moving to your new home. In some cases, you may also have to let go of some furniture or appliances and get smaller versions if your current ones are too big. You can work with professional Furniture Movers like AAA City Removalist to move more valuable things and avoid damaging them in the process.

Go Through Rooms One at a Time

Think of downsizing as a process and a journey, rather than a chore. It is understandable to be reluctant to part with any of your belongings, as they have all affected your life one way or another. To ensure you do not get rid of anything valuable, take your time and go through your rooms one at a time. Sort through all your things and think hard about what you want to keep. Ask yourself questions like when was the last time you used an item, how often you use it, what condition it is in, and other similar things. If you have a sorting system in place but still find it hard to decide for some things, it may be worth keeping them for the meantime. As much as possible, you want to declutter your things, but you also want to keep any important belongings.



Take Inventory of Your Possessions

Moving to a smaller home will mean keeping some belongings and getting rid of others. It can be hard to keep track of your possessions, so making an inventory will be extremely helpful. Before you do anything else, list down all of your things as you go through each room. As you sort through your belongings, you can then categorise the items you are keeping and those you are letting go. It will also be beneficial to label your boxes once you pack your items, so you can always know which box to look for if you need a specific item.

By taking inventory of your possessions, you have an organised list to guide you with packing. At the same time, this technique ensures that you took note of all your things and did not miss anything before you hand them over to your chosen professional Home Removals like AAA City Removalist. This way, if you suddenly think about an item and forget where you placed it or what you decided to do with it, you can always refer back to your list.


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