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How to Efficiently Move Houses in Sydney, Canberra or Interstate

How to Efficiently Move Houses in Sydney, Canberra or Interstate


Some of your things may have been with you for life; some may be belongings that don’t require quite as much attention. Regardless, you want a safe relocation. AAA City Removalist offers property owners with tips on “how to efficiently move houses in Sydney” easily.

Timeframes & Planners

When moving it is essential that nothing is overlooked. Organisation and planning are essential. Your home should be inventoried, and all aspects of relocating your home should be listed and crossed off as they are completed. Having a planner will help to ensure that nothing is left out and that you are on schedule. Planners are ideal for listing timeframes of what needs to be done, ensuring that you have everything listed that your move requires, your moving budget, packing supplies, and moving chores like obtaining doctor records, changing your address, and utility disconnect and reconnect. A moving checklist and planner should be the start of your move, and your plan should include target dates that are realistic. If a moving company is being used, it is important to hire the company at least two months before your relocation. Your moving company should be one that offers plenty of guidance and support, as well as plans & implements your move to your specific needs.

Your Budget

Typically, budgets are tight, so it is important to organise and plan your budget, saving as much money as possible. Getting rid of things you no longer need, or things that won’t fit into your new home will help to reduce moving costs as the weight and volume of your belongings will decrease. Having a yard sale will help you earn a few dollars which can be put towards your relocation. Once your home is de-cluttered obtain your quotes. When you determine what moving company you would like then request an in-home moving survey. This will ensure that you receive an accurate cost estimate.

Choosing A Reliable Mover

The start of hiring a Removals company is searching for a professional, reliable, experienced removalist offering quality service and customer care. Once you have narrowed your selection of local moving companies in Sydney, then begin to research each of the companies. You want to ensure that the companies you are interested in hiring an experienced and insured removalist. Be sure that each has a minimum of these qualifications. Also, ask each company when interviewing the companies if they can provide personal recommendations from customers that they’ve moved whose moves were similar to yours.


Packing is a chore that no property owner looks forward to. If you are hiring movers that will be providing packing services, then you won’t have as much stress or time involved in your relocation. If you are packing your household items yourself, you will need to organise the packing. Inventory each room to know the type and amount of packing materials you will require. For instance, how many rolls of durable packing tape, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, packing paper, and cardboard boxes. Also, do a little research on how to pack your possessions properly before you start to pack. With a little homework, you can avoid the heartache of items damaged during your moving process. Also, be sure that your movers provide you with a list of items that are permitted and those that are restricted, and make your move easier for yourself when you arrive at your new destination by having your boxes labeled.

Moving Day

When moving day arrives your home should be packed and ready to load. Nothing should be overlooked. The worst situation is that you are still sorting and packing when the movers arrive. Everything from snacks and beverages for the movers, to your cell phone, fully charged, to your pets being in a safe and secured area, to your essential box packed in the car should be prepared. Moving days are stressful and the better prepared you are the calmer you will stay.

For more tips on moving, or for the hire of a qualified mover with the experience that offers stress-free, damage-free relocations contact AAA City Removalist in Sydney. We are the moving specialists that have the experience to guarantee a quality local or long distance relocation.

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