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Moving Home While Pregnant

Moving Home While Pregnant


Moving can be a stressful and tiring experience, from packing all your things to transporting them and arranging your new place. Under normal conditions, the whole process is already challenging, so moving while pregnant can make things even more difficult. So naturally, you want to avoid straining yourself during pregnancy, since you want to keep your little one and yourself safe.

Fortunately, moving while pregnant does not have to be stressful, as long as you have the right plan in place. To help you through the process, check out these top tips below to ensure a safe and smooth “Removal/Relocation experience when expecting a baby”.

Consult with your Doctor

Before starting with anything, consult with your doctor to ask if you can help with the move. If they think you are healthy to join in the preparations, they will specify the do’s and don’ts to ensure that you and your little one stay safe. Remember that you need to take it easy, regardless of how you may be feeling.

Aside from this, you should also ask your doctor or search for local hospitals in the area where you are moving. Emergency medical care can be unpredictable, so ultimately, it would be better to be prepared for anything that can happen.

Get Help from Others

Among some of the most crucial tasks to do is to get as much help as possible, not just for moving day, but the whole process. For example, ask friends and family to assist with the packing, loading, and unpacking. Or, if you cannot find enough people to meet your schedule, you should Hire Professional Removalists like AAA City Removalist to do the work for you.

Removalists can take all the stress and load off your shoulders. In fact, they can handle the entire process, from packing to transporting to loading to unpacking. Hiring professionals will be your best bet if you have limited time or manpower. Doing this makes the experience quick and easy and guarantees your safety.

Allocate Extra Time

Setting aside adequate time has always been a good practice when moving. However, if you are pregnant during the move, you should start even earlier to pace yourself. Make sure to take regular breaks while packing and stop when you feel tired. Your health and well-being should be your top priority, so you should minimise stress as much as possible.

Listen to Your Body

While you might want to take charge and stay on top of everything, it is more critical to listen to your body. If you are feeling exhausted despite only accomplishing a bit, take this as a sign that you should rest or take a few minutes of break.

Similarly, if you feel like there is too much work to do, you can find reliable professionals to take over. For example, AAA City Removalist is a leading and Best Rated Removalist in Sydney with over 17 years of experience in the industry. They provide quality services to guarantee a safe and efficient move, regardless of how big or small the removal job may be.

Stay Hydrated

Even without doing the physical work, moving can still be tiring, so you should keep yourself hydrated. It is essential if you are prone to morning sickness since this can easily cause dehydration. To avoid this, fill up a water bottle and always keep it with you. If needed, you can even use Hydration Apps to set regular reminders.

Prepare Pregnancy Essentials

It is extremely important if you are moving while pregnant to pack a bag with pregnancy essentials to bring during moving day. These may include vitamins or supplements, prescriptions, snacks, maternity clothes, a blanket, water bottle, hand sanitiser, and other essential things.

Plan for the New Home

It can be easy to get preoccupied with all the packing and forget about what to do once you get to your new place when moving. The last thing you want is to stress about all the boxes scattered in your new home, so make sure you also plan for this. Create a colour-coding system to assign boxes to their respective rooms and let the Removalist (Movers) or your family know about this.

Likewise, it also helps to think about where you want your furniture to go. This way, you need not spend time moving them around again and again.

Ultimately, moving while pregnant does not have to be stressful or a hassle. By preparing in advance and finding the right people, you can get the job done without straining yourself. Remember that your health matters the most, so it never hurts to hire Professional Movers if you need extra hands.

With thousands of positive reviews & ratings from our customers on Google, Facebook, Product Review, AAA City Removalist is your preferred choice of moving with an AFRA Approver Furniture Removalist, offering a range of packages to match your needs, as well as a consultation to plan and manage your move.

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