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Estimate The Average Cost of Moving

Estimate The Average Cost of Moving


Many things consume the mind with the thought of moving. Stress levels tend to go up with the thought of cardboard boxes and dollars seem to take control of the mind. If you have a moving date in mind, then likely you are thinking of how much the move will cost. The cost associated with a move is one of the most common questions. AAA City Removalist offers the following guide to calculate your moving costs.

Average Costs for Full-Service Movers

Full service moves are a choice that involves higher cost; however, it is a choice that frees up the property owner to carry on with their daily routine until moving day. There are no days off work, no hassling with boxes, and no packing. For households that are relocating from one state to another, the distance between the existing residence and the new residence will determine the moving cost, as well as load weight, and on a number of belongings that will be transported.

Local Moves Average Moving Costs Per Hour

With local moves, it is important to know and understand the formation of the moving price is essential. Consider the following to understand your local move.

  • With local relocations, where you reside will influence the cost of the move. For instance, the cost of living is higher in Sydney, so movers will typically charge a higher per hour or per kilometer rate.
  •  Typically, Local Movers Sydney charge a flat hourly rate regardless of services rendered i.e. packing boxes, wrapping furniture, carrying boxes, transporting items from the existing destination to the new destination, etc.


Tell Me The Average Costs of Relocating a Household

When you begin to obtain moving estimates, you’ll discover that the average price for a local move is around $140 ex GST per hour for two movers. There are various factors that influence the cost of moving such as the city and state you reside. With $140 ex GST as a base price per hour, and with two movers, the cost of a local move would be as follows:

  • Studio Apartment: Moving a studio apartment with two professional movers, taking three to four hours to move the home would equal around $400 ex GST to $650 ex GST to relocate.
  • Two Bedroom Apartment: Moving a two-bedroom apartment, taking an average of four to six hours with two removalists at $140 ex GST per hour with two removalists would equal around $400 ex GST to $750 ex GST to complete the move.
  • Three Bedroom House: Moving a three-bedroom house will most likely include a price per hour jump as the movers will need to use a larger truck.  Typically, the price will be around $145 ex GST for 2 men or $200 ex GST per hour for 3 men, depending on the amount of Removalists. The time normally takes anywhere from 5 to 8 hours would equal $725 ex GST to $1300 ex GST to complete the relocation. Again, this could cost more or less depending on distance traveled, size of the home, etc.
  • Larger Homes: Larger homes are considered homes. The costs are higher with relocating the homes about $150 ex GST to $200 ex GST per hour, depending on two or three Removalists. Prices range from $900 ex GST to $1600 ex GST. With these size homes, these figures can exceed the above average example. In many of these larger homes, customers ask for 4 men. Homes of this size has a lot of treasures, antiques and expensive furniture. Budget stops being the focal point, professionalism and a steady pace throughout the move is the objective.
  • Commercial Moves are assessed by the booking consultant and on-site quotes for larger offices and warehouses is usually preferred.

Average Cross Country Relocation Cost Per Kilometer and Weight

Home owners should not expect an hourly charge for a long distance relocation being performed by a professional moving company. The price is primarily determined by three major factors:

  • Distance: Distance influences the cost of the move. The more kilometres traveled between your existing residence and your new residence, the higher your moving bill.
  • Shipment Weight: It is common sense that furniture and household items add up to weight, and weight adds up to cost. Money can be saved by lightening the weight of their relocation load.
  • Additional Services:  Additional services like packing will add cost to the moving bill.

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