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Frequently Asked Questions about Moving Houses

Frequently Asked Questions about Moving Houses


You might be wondering whether it is possible to move houses in Australia in the middle of the pandemic. It is possible. However, there are rules and protocols that must be followed.

Expert moving services can help you with this dilemma as there are a lot of guidelines that need to be followed. Companies like AAA City Removalist can assist you on your move during the pandemic.

Here are some FAQs for moving houses during the Covid-19 pandemic in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and the rest of Australia.

Are Removalists services essential?

Yes. Due to the recent changes in border control rules, Removalists or Moving services are now considered essential under freight and logistics defined by each State Government. This means that they can transport goods and items during lockdowns because of the Coronavirus /Covid19.

Is Moving allowed during Covid19 lockdowns?


Yes. When lockdowns were enforced, many businesses and establishments were asked to close. The restrictions mainly apply to places with a high risk of virus transmissions, such as restaurants, bars, and cafes.

However, some services are categorised as essential and can operate during restrictions. Establishments included in this category are grocery shops, while businesses that fall under essential businesses are builders, tradespeople, and removalists.

Removalists like AAA City Removalists are included in essential services. The government has recognised that moving houses can be a legitimate reason to leave your house or travel during lockdowns.

Is the interstate moving possible during Coronavirus lockdowns?

Yes. Although different government agencies have other policies regarding interstate travel, Interstate Removalists are allowed to transport during Covid19 lockdowns under strict measures.

Different Australian State Governments have started to impose stricter travel and entry guidelines and different levels of quarantine. In addition, a majority of the states charge border entry passes that will determine whether you are fit to enter the state or not.

If you need to move urgently, whether you must cross borders or not, you can hire the Moving services of AAA City Removalist so that they can assist you with your transport. Hiring Removalist services will be more convenient for you in transporting your things and will not be a problem when following border restrictions.

Can car and pet transport be accommodated during a lockdown?

Some states can only accept people who arrive via air travel. In these instances, you would need car transport. Car transport during lockdowns usually has a delay of 10 days between pickup and delivery. There is also an option of holding the car for 3-4 days to align with the time you finish your quarantine or self-isolation.

In the case of pet transportation, AAA City Removalist suggests that you use a pet transport service that can provide comfortable accommodation for your pets.

Significant state restrictions that you need to remember

Different Australian State governments have varying restrictions regarding Coronavirus lockdowns.

Here are the guidelines you need to note when planning on interstate transport or travel.

  • For New South Wales, moving houses is a valid reason to go out subject to certain restrictions. There is a permit system currently implemented to enter the greater Sydney area.
    Last September, the latest updates showed that removalists are no longer restricted as authorised workers and can perform transport and logistic works.
  • In Victoria, removalists can assist in Moving houses, but family and friends are not. However, those coming from red zones will be required to get an exemption to enter the state.
    In any case, you should always be carrying your new home proof of residence documents.
  • Queensland depends on the percentage of vaccinated people to adjust their lockdown limitations. For example, if 80% of the population becomes vaccinated, border passes will still be required from people travelling from Covid Hotspots, but travellers can arrive by car or air.
    People going into Queensland will be required to be fully vaccinated and present a negative Covid test taken 72 hours before the travel. If these requirements are not followed, a 14-day quarantine will be needed.
  •  In the state of Western Australia, quarantine requirements would depend on whether the state you are coming from is a low or high-risk state. If you come from Medium risk territories, you will not be permitted to enter Western Australia without an exemption.
    It would be helpful to always carry your new residence documentation in any case.

Moving houses during the lockdown may be a hassle for you, so removalist services like what AAA City Removalist offers can help ease the burden for you. In addition, because you do have to worry about quarantines and securing forms, AAA City Removalist will ensure that the moving process won’t burden you.

Due to the frequent government rules being updated now and then, you must rely on your Local Government information and rules on Covid 19 whilst planning or preparing for your relocation, as our information above may or may not be valid at the time of your move.

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