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First Things to Do Once Your Sydney Removalists Have You Relocated

First Things to Do Once Your Sydney Removalists Have You Relocated


Your boxes have arrived, and you are now ready to Move into your new home. Wait! Before you get too excited unpacking boxes and arranging things in your new home, AAA City Removalists has the following tips.

Take Photos

Taking photos is especially important if you are renting the home, as well as if you have purchased the home. Taking pictures of bare rooms can help renters get their security deposit back once when they decide to move. For homeowners, if a fair amount of time has passed between the inspection and the move-in, damage could have occurred. Take pictures of any damage you see and document it.

Do A Quick Check of Your Belongings for Damage

Once your Sydney Removalists have delivered your belongings and furniture, do a quick check for breakage. You’ll find that your Moving Company likely only allows a certain period to report any damage. Check all your major appliances to ensure they properly function, check your furniture, and check your household items. Make a list of any damage and quickly report it to your Removalist.

Determine Trash Day

You will have plenty of trash like paper, etc. when unpacking and the first thing you need to do are determine when trash day is. Contain your trash as you unpack. When you have a few minutes, contact your landlord or homeowners’ association or ask a neighbor what day is trash pickup.


Get the Locks Changed

While it is your home, there was someone previously living in the home. So, it is time to get the locks changed. Changing the locks should be put at the top of your priority list as you do not want to jeopardise your safety.

Register Your Car

If you have Relocated to a new state, you will need to register your car. Typically, vehicle owners will have about 60 days to register the vehicle. However each state is different. If your vehicle is not registered within the time frame allowed you will face penalties.


If you have the luxury of painting before moving into your new home, then you won’t be concerned with fresh walls once you arrive. However, most homeowners don’t. Before you arrange each room, take the time to paint as it is easier before you have everything settled.

Check Your Credit Reports

During a Relocation, typically your credit reports are accessed as home sellers, landlords, new employers, etc. all need to access the reports. Within six months of your Relocation, you should request a copy of your credit report. Look for any inconsistencies that would indicate that you have been a victim of fraud as it is very easy for hackers to access your reports during this time, as well.

Don’t Forget Your Voting Address

Whether you have an upcoming election for president or simply a local school board vote, voting is important. Do not forget to update your address once you have Relocated so that you aren’t left out of the vote. Most states allow a 60-day time frame to register your new address for voting.

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