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Furniture Removalists That Have Stood The Test of Time

Furniture Removalists That Have Stood The Test of Time


You see their ads, and each sounds brilliant; however, furniture removalists in Sydney that have stood the test of time are not as abundant as the many ads that encourage property owners to hire professional moving services. AAA City Removalist, Sydney’s top rated furniture removal company, offers the following information to help property owners make a wise decision when hiring a moving company.

Challenges Faced By Professional Movers

Professional movers understand the difficulty and challenges that arise when moving furniture and heavy household items like pianos, pool tables, sofas, as well as delicate chinaware, expensive, and family heirlooms. Hiring a Professional Moving Company that has stood the test of time makes the difference in the quality of service the mover provides, as well as the safety of your items. A mover that has stood the test of time knows the best approaches & techniques necessary to move items with the proper equipment and handling safely.

Sydney Roadways & Interstate

Sydney traffic congestion is considered to be the worst in Australia. Movers face tremendous challenges with the constant stop and go of traffic. A seasoned mover understands the difficulty in maneuvering the roadways and the need for all items to be adequately secured and transferred in a truck with adequate air suspension.

Long distance hauls present their own set of challenges. Interstate regulations and requirements, tolls and bridges, and navigation must be accurately handled for a safe and timely route to the new destination. A seasoned mover will have the experience in Interstate relocations to efficiently handle the Interstate relocation.


  • Tried and true movers are not obstructed by obstacles that could hinder the quality of the relocation. Tried and true removalists have the experience, training, and the ability to handle all types of obstacles & challenges.
  • Climbing a few flights of stairs where there is no lift can be more than an inexperienced removalist can handle. Professional, tried and true removalists have the stamina and the equipment to safely handle furniture and belongings up and down flights of stairs.
  • Parking can be another issue for an inexperienced removalist.  The current or new property may not have adequate parking for moving trucks. The removalist may have to park a few meters away, or where parking access is difficult. Permits may be required. A seasoned removalist will adequately handle the situation, taking the best approaches for the parking situation and obtaining all the proper permits.
  • Tried and true removalists understand the increasing cost of road toll charges and expensive parking fees and are prepared to handle tolls and fees.  All of Sydney’s toll roads are “cashless.” The tried and true removalist will have an electronic tag or electronic pass to pay toll fees; whereas the inexperienced may not be aware of the need of the electronic pas and be prepared.
  • Weather can play havoc on moving day. Heavy rain and other weather conditions can create challenges that an experienced removalist is prepared to handle. Safety precautions must be taken when moving furniture in or out of the home, and driving time may be slowed. An experienced removalist is necessary when moving in poor weather conditions.
  • Experienced removalists can handle all situations and objectives that arise among property owners. An experience removalist will ensure that the contract is thoroughly read and understood, and that property owners are aware of the role of the mover. An inexperienced mover is likely to have holes that leave property owners dissatisfied with the services provided.

Removalist Hire Tips

  • Hire a professional removalist with the staff to provide communication through all stages of the removal process. The staff should be there to help guide, assist, and answer questions.
  • Check out the removalist on platforms like Google to ensure the removalist’s ratings.
  • Check out the trucks and equipment to ensure they are modern and up to date.
  • Be specific and ask about the training and experience of the removalists. Are they attired in uniforms? Ask for the physical address of the company. Request references of property owners that have completed similar moves with the removalist. The company needs to be a legitimate moving company that can be trusted for the safety of your furniture and belongings.
  • Get everything in writing. An in-home assessment is always the best quote to obtain. The contract needs to include all the services that will be rendered, as well as the price of the hire. The contract needs to be signed before the start of the relocation.
  • Check that the removalist provides the services you require. For instance, if the company only offers men and a truck, and you need packing and unpacking services, you will not have the services you require.
  • Be aware of all insurance coverage included in the move.

AAA City Removalist has stood the test of time. We provide local and long-distance moves that are safely handled for a successful relocation. For more information on our services, please contact AAA City.

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