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How to Get Organised for a Sane Sydney Move

How to Get Organised for a Sane Sydney Move


Regardless of the distance of your Sydney relocation, moving tends to create chaos and stress. While it is unlikely that things will go smoothly, you can help to save your sanity with the following tips from AAA City Removalists In Sydney to get ready for your Sydney move.

Think of Your New Home before You Are in Your New Home

Getting to your new home and not having any idea of how you will arrange the furniture, etc. creates unnecessary stress. Consider your new home before you move in. Ask your realtor for a layout of the home and put it to good use. Study the layout to determine where you will place your furniture and belongings. Doing so will also help you when sorting through things as you don’t want to take unnecessary items along with you to your new home. Be motivated, and most of all is determined. Sort through things and try not to stay attached to those items that you no longer need or haven’t used in years. Streamlining your belongings and letting go of items you don’t need to take to your new home, or no longer will create a nicer living space in your new home.

Don’t Forget the Virtual Aspect

Take a digital inventory and back them up to your computer files. Doing so will relieve stress and take away the uncertainty of whether something was lost in your Sydney move.

Take the Time to Organise Your Cords

Eliminate that anxious feeling of arriving at your new home to find you didn’t organize or label your cords. Label each cord with the name of the gadget or device that it belongs to and neatly roll it up and box it. Keep all cords together. One idea for multiple cords is to use the colour coding system. Use coloured dots to label the cord and use the same coloured dot on the hole that it plugs into on the device. Doing so will eliminate the stress and save time.

Have a Fireproof Lock Box for Important Papers

Documents, valuables, and jewelry are all items that you want to go with you when you relocate. Keep all items in a fireproof lock box that you can carry with you during your Sydney relocation.

Streamline DVD and CD Collections

Property owners that have a large music or movie collection can save lighten the load of hauling boxes by getting some binder sleeves for the disks and discarding the cases. You can also upload the disks to your computer and sell your collection.

If You No Longer Use It, Don’t Take It

When sorting through your things to move, you’ll likely find many items that you haven’t used in years.  Be smart. If you haven’t used it in years, then don’t take it as you likely don’t need it.

Don’t Forget Your Labeling System

Labeling systems are essential when moving. Using colour coding box labels for the rooms the boxes belong and number each box to help you to be organised when you get your items to your new home (as well as during the move).  Have a record with a list of each box’s contents. When unpacking check the items off the master list.

Sane Sydney Move

Clear the Exterior of Your Home

It is unlikely that there isn’t outdoor stuff that needs to be handled. Get the right packing materials, pull out the owner’s manuals for special packing and storing instructions and start to clear the exterior of your home early. Doing this will eliminate unnecessary stress as your Sydney move approaches.

Keep Organised with a Moving Binder

Keep yourself organised with a moving binder with everything related to the move. Your truck or moving company rental agreement, your to-do lists, your master packing list and memory stick neatly tucked into a zip-top bag. As for moving, day approaches add current bills, your checkbook, and stamps to the binder. Doing so will help to ensure that everything you need during and on moving day is at your fingertips.

Begin to Gather Your Essentials

While your essential box may be for your first night in your new home, there is nothing saying that you can’t start to prepare your box or bag early. Gather things like toilet paper, coffee for your first pot of coffee in your new home, toothpaste, towels, a change of clothes, pajamas, etc. Everything you will need for your first night into your new Sydney home.

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