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Guide to Different Types of Moving Boxes 2024-25

Guide to Different Types of Moving Boxes 2024-25


Packing is a critical aspect of the moving process, but it tends to be so time-consuming due to all the work involved. To maximize your efficiency, you need to plan and pick up suitable materials for your items. Choosing the wrong ones can cause problems in transit or delay your move, so it is essential to understand what boxes you should use for each type of item. With so many moving boxes to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide what to get. So to help you streamline your preparations, here is a quick overview of the common types of Moving Boxes and their respective uses.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are the standard for packing and moving things. They come in various sizes to store different types of items, including the following:

  • Small Moving Box (25-40L)

Small boxes are perfect for things like your kitchen tools, pantry items, small appliances, books, movies, and many others. It helps to have a stash of these to store most of your things, but be careful not to put too much per box. It would be better to get more boxes than fit everything into a few.

  • Medium Moving Box

Medium boxes are slightly larger and suitable for things that cannot fit the small boxes. You can store things like lamps, pans and pots, microwaves, DVD players, and even some linens in them

  • Large Moving Box (100-110L)

Large boxes are ideal for bulkier things like your blankets, bedding, clothing, and pillows. However, be careful not to pad on too much weight in this box since you are already storing bigger and thicker pieces. It won’t be easy to load into your truck if you make it too heavy. 

Moving Boxes

Specialty Boxes

Beyond standard boxes, you can also choose from a variety of specialty boxes designed for specific uses. Here are the most common types you will need for your packing process:

  • Wardrobe Boxes

If you want to transport hanging clothes like suits, blazers, and dresses, you can use wardrobe boxes for them. These boxes come with metal bars that make it easy to bring your clothes with hangers.

  • Telescope Boxes

Telescope boxes come with a separate top and bottom to form the box. These are great for storing items like flat household items like flat-screen TVs or artworks, which need extra care when handling and packing.

  • Mirror Boxes

Mirrors can be one of the trickiest things to move since they are prone to cracking and breaking. Fortunately, you can get mirror boxes to protect these fragile pieces and keep them secure during the move. These will also work well for picture frames, glass tabletops, and similar things.

  • Mattress Boxes

Have you ever wondered how you can transport your mattress smoothly? If so, you can use mattress boxes that come in different sizes like standard, twin, queen or king to fit your mattress accurately.

  • Lamp Boxes

You might not think lamps are hard to move, but they can be extremely tricky. It is especially true for tall lamps that come in unique shapes and often do not fit in standard-sized boxes. It is where lamp boxes come in—they are tall and narrow to fit your lamp perfectly. You can even fit other odd-shaped items like golf clubs, vases, and the like in these boxes.

  • Wooden Crates

While these are not as common in the moving process, custom crates are perfect for transporting valuable possessions like antiques and art pieces. They are usually made with plywood and steel clips to secure your items. Using the right moving boxes are critical to ensure that your items stay protected while in transit. The last thing you want is to pack your belongings so meticulously, only for them to get damaged from using the wrong box. Now, given how tricky it can be to choose your packing materials, you can always hire professional removalists to do the job for you. AAA City Removalist is a Leading Removalist in Sydney that can help you with residential and commercial moves. Their team can provide high-quality materials, pack your belongings, and transport them to your new place for a hassle-free move. As an AFRA-approved member, they are guaranteed to be professionals in their job. To know more call (02) 9737 1111 Or Get A Quote

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