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Professional Movers Sydney Versus Non-Professional Movers

Professional Movers Sydney Versus Non-Professional Movers



When you’re moving or relocating to another place, many people would suggest moving because hiring a professional mover will cost you more money. However, is hiring non-professional movers worth the hassle?

You may think that professional removers will cost you more. Still, suppose you think about the hassle from item damage, lack of insurance, the lack of professional guidance, poor packing, using cheap packing materials. In that case, you might spend more when you get a non-professional mover.

Here are some differences you should know between Professional Movers/Removalist and Non-professional Movers/Removalist:

Removal Vehicles/ Trucks


The first difference between professional and non-professional movers is their trucks/vehicles. Transportation plays an essential role in moving services. So, it is essential that the Removalist you choose can provide you with well-maintained trucks (vehicles) that can transport your goods without damage to your new home/office or property.

Professional movers, like AAA City Removalist, have regularly maintained trucks to ensure no delays in the delivery of your things. They also use their trucks, painted in their colours, with their logo to be recognized as hired professional services.

Usually, non-professional movers will have to hire trucks for their use, so the safety of your furniture or goods is not guaranteed.



The equipment that movers use is for loading and unloading your things onboard the trucks/vehicles. If your mover/removalist does not use the right equipment, you might risk your items getting damaged even before getting loaded onto the trucks.

Non-professional movers don’t have the complete equipment that is essential in moving. It is a bad precedent for your things that might get scratched, chipped, or damaged before even leaving your home.

Unlike them, professional moving services ensure that they only use the highest packaging standard for your furniture, appliances, and other personal effects. They provide mattress bags, boxes, carrying straps, dollies, and clean protection blankets.

Removal Services


AAA City Removalist only wants to provide you with the best services during your move, whether it is local, interstate or Last Minute Removals. Compared to amateur movers, professional movers can assist you from the first step of the move, giving you a detailed quote. They can also help you with paperwork, provide you with a detailed moving plan, and deliver your things unscratched to your new doorstep.

The removals services that amateur movers can provide are only up to the extent of the moving logistics without any assurance that your furniture/goods will be brought to you in one piece.



The employees of a professional moving company like AAA City Removalist are highly trained and have gained years of experience with moving over 140,000 relocations since 2005 in NSW, ACT and Interstate. They can use equipment with ease and are trained to treat your things with the greatest care from packing to delivery. Truck drivers are also trained professionals who are licensed to drive large vehicles.

Another skill that may set professional movers apart from non-professional movers is that the former is skilled in disassembling furniture for easier transport. Professional movers have encountered various furniture to know the proper technique of taking them apart and assembling them again upon arrival.

Removal Insurance


Removal Insurance is an essential part of moving that you shouldn’t overlook. There could be unwarranted accidents along the way, especially if you’re moving to a distant location. A professional moving company like AAA City Removalist will have insurance to cover any damages or losses that might occur during transit, whereas comprehensive insurance is recommended to be taken out before your move.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Moving Services

When you are moving to another place, you want the process to be hassle-free as possible. For example, rather than arriving in your new home finding out that some furniture got damaged or lost, it would be best to have professional moving services to help you out.

A professional moving company can assist you with everything you need to make your move hassle-free. From providing you with a quote, giving you a moving plan, packing, transportation, and delivery, professional Movers will ensure that you don’t have to be troubled by your move in any way.

Additionally, it would be best to ensure that the professional moving company you will hire is an AFRA-approved member. They are officially rated as highly trained and qualified to conduct moving services.

Lastly, it’s worth the effort to check out the Professional Removalist Reviews of customers who have used their removal services. With an AFRA accredited removalist, over 6,000 positive reviews and thousands of happy customers that AAA City Removalist has earned to maintain a first-class brand reputation, you would not think of using a non-professional moving company.


If you are looking for a professional removalist, contact AAA City Removalist for a stress-free move. AAA City Removalist can professionally handle your move to get the peace of mind you need to relocate. AAA City Removalist is also an AFRA-approved member. So, you are assured that they are professionally recognized as a qualified removalist.

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