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Hiring Removalists in Sydney? Can the Pets Go Too

Hiring Removalists in Sydney? Can the Pets Go Too


Sydney removalists manage many aspects of a move. But, what about when it comes to the pets? While most moving companies will have plenty of tips and information on moving, including moving with pets, it is rare that the moving company will be responsible for the transport of the animals. Pets fair much more easily when they are transported with those that love them. So, AAA City Sydney Removalist has plenty of tips for all homeowners in Sydney who happen to have pets moving along with them.

Moving Tips with Pets

The move likely won’t be easy, so prepare for a move that could be difficult. One of the most common issues homeowners face with moving with pets is losing their pet on Moving Day, during the move or once they arrive at their new home. Taking all precautions, be certain that your tag is up to date with the new information on your new home, as well as your cell phone number. .

Prior to moving day, visit your vet to request your pet’s veterinary records. Ask for all records of your pet’s vaccinations and medical chart / file that includes all medications, heath certificates, etc. and the contact information of the vet. If your pet is on medications, then you might consider getting any prescriptions filled prior to your move.

The day of the move will be chaotic with activity and sound from everywhere. This is the time when most homeowners find their pets “run away” in fear. Pets feel especially vulnerable in situations and it is important to secure them in a secure room that is quiet, safe and well ventilated. The bathroom is typically a good choice. Once you have the pet locked in the room, then place a banner on the outside of the door that says “Do Not Disturb! Pets Inside!” Should you decide to put your pet in a travel crate on moving day, be sure to get your pet familiar with the crate prior to closing the pet in the cage on moving day. The crate should be well ventilated and have plenty of comforts for your pet, including a nice blanket, chews, water, etc.

Never travel without a pet’s first aid kit. Emergencies are not uncommon while traveling with pets on the road, so be sure you are prepared with the ;necessary supplies should something happen. Your kit should include your vet’s phone number, gauze to wrap wounds, adhesive tape, towels, hydrogen peroxide and non stick bandages.

When traveling in the vehicle, no matter what type of vehicle you are traveling in with your pets, play it safe and crate the animal. secure the crate by adding a seat belt over the crate.

If you are traveling by air, be sure that you check with the airlines prior to moving day to ensure you understand all requirements of traveling with a pet.

Prior to relocating to your new home, find a new veterinary clinic and Emergency Hospital as the unexpected tends to have a way of occurring. This will ensure that you are prepared for any unexpected ailments or accidents with your animal. Be sure that the vet is close to your new home and offers hours that are convenient.

Have your new home ready for your pet. Your pet will be frightened when they first arrive and foreign to their new surroundings and it is important to make the pet as comfortable as possible. Have familiar items like toys, food and water out for the pet. Also have all medications and their bed.

Now about the new area and any dangers it may possess to animals like a high rate of Lyme disease and heart worm, etc. Take all precautions, knowing what might afflict your pet. Also, be sure to know of any rules and regulations regarding your animals.

For more information on moving with pets, AAA City Removalists offers plenty of suggestions. Just contact us today.

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