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How Not To Make Moving Mistakes From Bankstown

How Not To Make Moving Mistakes From Bankstown


With the stress of a relocation, it is easy for property owners to overlook even some of the most important aspects of a move. AAA City Removalists offers the following tips that will help you to avoid moving day mistakes.

Packing Heavy Items in Large Boxes

Never pack heavy items in large boxes. Always pack them in the smallest boxes possible.

Not Taking Measurements

Prior to moving day, take measurements of your doorways, etc. Also, take measurements of your bulky and big items to ensure that you have the clearance.

Packing Flammable, Explosive or Corrosive Materials

Even household products like cleaners can be flammable and need to be cleared with your movers. Ask your Bankstown Removalists for a list of flammable and corrosive materials that can and cannot be moved. When packing, be sure that they are packed in a separate box and that you clearly mark the box.

Label Boxes

One common mistake is that homeowners get preoccupied with their move and so much to do that they do not label boxes. Be sure that all boxes are clearly labeled to ensure that they are properly loaded into the truck, as well as you can unpack them into the right rooms in the home.

Know Your Contract

Prior to agreeing on a price with your Moving Company, be sure that you understand the the movers package inclusions. Items that AAA usually included are Free Boxes, Platinum Member, Bubble wrap, discount on house cleaning & locksmiths.

You also need to check what insurance is offered (usually transit insurance is paid by the Mover, full insurance is paid by the customer). Do they provide an estimated time of arrival of your household belongings to your new home? or Office.

Do It Ahead of Time

Avoid rushing. If you want until a few days prior to moving day, you will not have the time to pack properly and move. Allow yourself plenty of time so that you are not running around causing yourself unnecessary stress. Get your moving materials (check with your moving company and ask if they supply moving materials at a discount or no cost). Begin to sort items, pack, arrange your utilities disconnect and reconnect, get school records, etc. at least a month prior to moving day.

Time It Right

The warm season is typically a time that many homeowners choose to move, especially those with children. Warm weather means no moving in harsh elements, no road hazards, that kids have time to settle into their new environment, etc. Moving in the cold season or school season means difficult moving conditions and for families with school-aged children, they will not have time to settle in or adjust to their new environment.

Moving with Pets

With pets, don’t plan on waiting until the last minute to find them and load them in the vehicle- likely they will be gone. They will feel and experience the anxiety of the move, themselves. Keep their routine as regular as possible. Keep the diet as close to normal as possible. Be sure that you get your pet’s medical records and any vaccinations they may need a week or two before your move and bring copies of their records with you on moving day. Purchase transport carrier if needed. If you are travelling by plane, try to book a direct flight and be sure that you understand all the airline’s requirements prior to your flight.

For cats, always keep them in a container if driving. With dogs, a restraining harness or carrier can be used.

Forgetting To Change Your Address

Forgetting to change your address is a common mistake and one that will cause you a great deal of inconveniences. Contact your local postal office at least three weeks in advance.

AAA City Removalists offers moving checklists on our blog that can be printed, helping you to ensure that your move is one that is prepared properly.

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