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In Sydney How To Create Atmosphere For A New Home With Paint

In Sydney How To Create Atmosphere For A New Home With Paint


Now that you’ve relocated and are in your new home, you want to put your finishing touches on the home. Paint is a perfect upgrade that is quick and not unreasonable in cost. Painting is the top home improvement project whether your home is for sale or you are upgrading your home to create appeal. Paint can give a dramatic change, transforming a room from dull and ordinary looking to sophisticated and elegant. It is an expensive way to update a home, or a room, adding to the comfort level and uplifting moods and emotions. AAA City Removalist offers the following information on how to create an atmosphere in your new home with paint.

Painting Your New Home to Create Atmosphere

Paints handle determining the colour / mood temperature in your room i.e. warm or cool colours. The colours can also influence the temperature of the room during the cool and summer seasons. Lighter colours reflect sunlight and darker hues absorb it. Colour handles evoking certain emotions. According to studies performed on colours, we don’t actually “see” them as colours, but “feel” them.

Colours are also a statement of personality. Consider the following colours and what they have to say about personality type. As you read, consider what colours would be good for the rooms in your home to bring out the atmosphere that you desire. Remember, while you might choose a different colour for every room, it is important to choose a neutral colour that you run through the entire home to keep the balance of the home.

RED: Red is a very dynamic colour and one that can symbolise both passion and anger. Therefore, if you have the type of personality that tends to get angry easily, you do not want red in the home. Red signifies brash, bold, attention-getting, as well as softness, comforting and warmth. Red is a colour that states a person with a drive for success, a strong personality, one that believes in happiness as the natural state of affairs and one that is extroverted.

YELLOW: Yellow, while a beautiful colour, it can be a colour that is intimidating. The colour signifies happy, warm, uplifting, light and energetic energies, which is why many people use the colour for the exterior of their home as well as in the kitchen. What the colour yellow says about an individual is that they are idealistic, intellectual, artistic and creative.

BLUE: Blue is a healthy colour and one that studies have confirmed that if you stare at a medium blue colour for 20 seconds, you excrete 11 feel good hormones. Blue is a colour that signifies a peaceful, tranquil, calm, cool, sophisticated, serene and dignified state. What the colour says about an individual is that they have a tension free and calm existence.

GREEN: Green is a colour that is popular simply because it is a colour that we relate to nature. Green is a colour that signifies more than just nature. It also signifies freshness, luck, lush, money, new, balance and stability. What the colour green says about an individual is that they are kind, affectionate, conscientious neighbour and a loyal friend.

PURPLE: Purple is considered to be a “royalty colour” and one that is inspirational and will inspire a lot of new ideas. Purple is a colour that signifies opulence and majesty. What the colour purple says about a person is that they are unique and set apart from others, temperamental and talented in creative ways.

BROWN: Tans, beige and rust colours are all considered to be colours in the “brown” family. Brown is a colour that signifies a rich, warm, hearty, chic, rugged and one with nature feeling. What Brown says about an individual is that they are a reliable character, steady, responsible and have a keen sense of duty, as well as a sense of belonging and a strong need for security.


BLACK: Black is a colour that is considered to be a drama, mystery and power colour.

WHITE: White is a colour that is considered to be country crisp, contemporary and classic.

GRAY: Gray is a colour that is considered to be tailored, sleek and smoky.

When choosing paint colours for your new home, keep the following in mind.

The size and shape of the room you’ll be painting

When painting a room, keep the size of the room in mind. If the room is a small room, then the colour scheme should not be one that is complicated. Light colour give the illusion of a larger room while dark colours tend to shrink the room.

Also, consider where you will be painting. A colour that is used as a trim can look significantly different when used on a wall, so consider the colour and where the colour will be painted.

A nice technique when painting is to bring the colour in. If you have a room with a view, then one nice accent is to paint in a nature colour scheme, bringing the two together to create an atmosphere that is refreshing. For instance, if you want to bring in the outside view or the atmosphere into the room, paint in greens and browns with a wooded view or greens and blues for an ocean view.

Never forget that the quality of your indoor air matters. Use paints that are low in volatile organic compounds or VOC as these compounds can be potentially harmful.

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