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How to Disassemble Furniture for Moving in 2023-24

How to Disassemble Furniture for Moving in 2023-24


One of the most stressful parts of moving would be packing all your furniture and belongings to get them transported. However, the job does not end immediately when you get to your new place. You would have to go through each of your boxes to unpack and fix things up at home. Furniture, in particular, can be more challenging to deal with since they are bulky and harder to move. Naturally, you want to handle them more carefully since each piece is fragile and prone to getting damaged.

Working with a Furniture Movers company like AAA City Removalist will be particularly beneficial in moving furniture since professionals know how to handle them with care. With that said, disassembling furniture before a move can be particularly helpful to manage costs and make the move less stressful. Check out these four tips and tricks that you can use when disassembling your furniture for moving.

Select the Pieces to Disassemble

Start by deciding what furniture pieces you plan to disassemble. In some cases, you may have to assess whether some bulky pieces are worth bringing with you, especially since the bigger pieces will take up more weight and therefore cost more to move. Determine if the furniture’s condition or quality is worth the effort and price of moving to ensure you keep all the good pieces for your new home. Perhaps it may also help to consider how you plan to arrange the furniture in your new place, so you can decide what pieces can be kept.

At the same time, some furniture pieces may not necessarily have to be disassembled for the move. You will also have to consider how much time you have for preparing and how much time you need for disassembling. You may be able to fit some pieces into boxes without having to dismantle them, so make sure to plan this out before getting started.

Measure Doorways and Furniture




In relation to the first tip, one way to decide on what furniture pieces need to be disassembled is by measuring your doorways and comparing this to each piece. Essentially, you want to see which of your furniture can fit through doorways, corners, and other tight or narrow spaces while being transported to the moving truck. The last thing you want is to get stuck in a corner or damage your furniture, which can happen if it bumps into walls or the like.

Prepare the Tools

Once you know what furniture to disassemble, you then gather the necessary tools for the job. If you still have them, you can check out the instruction manual for each furniture piece to know the proper way of disassembling it. If you no longer have a copy of this, try to do a search online and see if you can find your furniture model or contact the company to get some assistance.

The most common tools include screwdrivers, wrenches, and hammers, though some furniture pieces may require more specialized tools. Make sure you prepare Ziploc bags or similar containers to store the bolts, screws, and other small pieces that come off upon dismantling the furniture.

Ask for Assistance

As with any other process in moving, you can ask for assistance if you need a helping hand. Asking friends or family members may help you save time and get the process done more quickly. However, generally, the best way to disassemble your furniture pieces while keeping them intact is to hire a professional mover. For example, AAA City Removalist strives to give every customer the most hassle-free move. The company does this by offering every service you can possibly need, whether it be packing, transportation, storage, or even disassembling.

Another perk to dismantling furniture professionally is a lower risk of damage. Reputable Removalists are also insured, so if anything does happen during the process, you will not be held liable for it.

Dismantling furniture and storing all the little parts that come with each piece can be a chore. However, doing so is certainly worth it as it helps optimize the space in a moving truck more effectively, allowing you to fit more boxes. With that said, disassembling furniture may also be a technical task, so when in doubt, seek help from professionals

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