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How to Move Your Child’s School Records in Sydney

How to Move Your Child’s School Records in Sydney


Moving Child’s School Records in Sydney

Families relocating with school-aged children have a few more things to consider when moving than just the transferring of their school records. Little things like arranging to have your child sit in on their new class, etc. will also help your children with the emotions and anxiety of leaving their old friends and neighbourhoods.

Prior to your child’s registration, you should make a visit to their current school to request copies of their school records. You will also need to arrange to have an official, sealed copies sent to the new school to be accepted for your child’s permanent record. Once you receive the copies, make a couple copies of the set and bring a set with you when you register your child for his or her new school.

Your child’s official transcripts will include the results of any standardized tests they’ve taken and their report cards. This allows the administrators at their new school to see your child’s academic level. Don’t stop at just providing the official transcripts to your child’s new school as they are not always the best indicators of your child’s strengths and weaknesses. If your child attends public school, and you think you’ll send the child to a private school, you will definitely want to include more information as to your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Consider the following items when providing your child’s new school with records and documents relating to your child’s academics and abilities:

  • Make copies of some of your child’s classroom work that they both enjoyed and show their abilities, especially in English, science and math
  • Ask teachers and counselors, especially your child’s favourite teachers to write letters discussing your child’s strengths, weaknesses and interests. Doing this will help your child’s new teachers to determine their abilities and get to know their interests.
  • If your child is involved in extra-curricular activities, drama, ASB or science club.
  • Make an outline of your child’s activities and hobbies outside of school.
  • If your child has or had a job, be sure that they ask their employer for a letter of reference. This will show their new teachers that they extend themselves, working towards independence as well as make it much easier for them to get a new job.
  • Be sure to bring your medical records and proof of immunisations. Most schools require that a child has up to date shots prior to allowing them to beginning their schooling. If your child has any health conditions, be sure that you inform the office staff and your child’s new teachers.

As parents, don’t look at your move as something your child will adjust to, but help them to adjust by helping them to prepare for the move. A few tips, include:

Keep your child involved in the Moving Process. Ask your children how they would like their new room, give your children coloured markers and boxes, letting them decorate the boxes from their room. Also, get them a calendar with your moving day marked and help them plan what they need to do prior to moving day and how to help the Hills District Removalists.

Help your children get familiar with their new surroundings. Take an afternoon with your child in your new neighborhood. Let them visit the new park, shops and stores, as well as the local eatery in the area. While you are there, visit the town information booth if one, and get brochures. Ask the parks, libraries and theaters what the sports teams and extra-curricular activities they offer, if any.

Have a going away party. Don’t let your child leave their old neighborhood without getting them an address book and throwing a going away party. With the address book, they can ask all their friends that they want to keep in touch with their address and phone number. Have stationary for your child when they arrive at their new home and let them write letters, as well as call their favourite friends.

Keep your family rituals and routine as close to normal as possible. If you have pizza on Friday nights, keep your Friday night pizza dates. Keep your children on schedule as much as possible.

Keep things positive. Don’t let the pressure of the move reflect a negative attitude. Keep it positive!

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