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Commercial Moves: How to Prepare Your Team to Move Offices in Sydney 2024-25

Commercial Moves: How to Prepare Your Team to Move Offices in Sydney 2024-25


It’s a known fact that moving is stressful, but the process can be even more challenging if you are moving offices. In such cases, you need to think of how to transition your team and business and make sure you can resume regular operations as soon as possible. Whether you are upsizing or downsizing your workplace, proper planning will be vital to ensuring a smooth move. Ultimately, you have to consider all stakeholders involved, including your employees and suppliers, to avoid problems along the way. Here are tips and tricks to keep in mind to help you through the process if it is your first to do a Commercial Move.

Inform Your Employees

Communication will be critical when moving offices. It would be best you first inform your employees about the move to ensure everyone is in the loop. To do this, you can organize a town hall, send a memo, or do something similar to issue a company-wide announcement. Likewise, remember to constantly communicate as you progress with the move. Once the other details are finalized, you should let them know about the timeline, new location, and overall transition plan. Another important thing will be to designate roles for each employee, to know if they need to start packing.

Motivate Your Employees

Moving can be stressful for employees since they have already gotten used to your office and daily routines. Thus, as the business owner, you should motivate your team by showing excitement about the move. This way, they can also feel excited and less worried about the upcoming changes about to happen.

Set Aside Enough Time

As much as you want to get the move done quickly, you should set a reasonable amount of time for your employees to get ready. They also need to pack their belongings and plan out how their commute or drive will change, do make sure you do not rush through the process. 

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Communicate With Your Clients

Talking to your employees is one thing, but you should also not forget to communicate with your clients about the move. They are the people who sustain your business, so you want to make sure you keep them in the loop. It is especially relevant if clients visit your office regularly for meetings and consultations. So naturally, you should tell them in advance if you will be moving soon.

Take Inventory for a Headstart

You need to deal with more things and steps when planning a commercial move, so you should start as early as you can. One way to get a headstart will be to take inventory of your belongings to avoid getting overwhelmed later on. Assess what items you plan to bring to the new office, then for the remaining things, decide whether you will trash or donate them. Once you have finished going through your things, you can check if you need new furniture, appliances, or supplies. This way, you can plan the purchases ahead to ensure they are ready by the time you finish moving.

Create a Labelling System

To stay organized with your inventory, you should design a labelling system. A simple way would be to use colours or numbers to assign to each room. Then, you can use the corresponding label on your inventory spreadsheet and boxes to track what you are bringing and find the right boxes easily. If you hire movers for the process, this system should be easy to follow. If you want to plan ahead and take the extra mile, you can even create a map to determine where things should go in your new office. It will save you time from planning out how to arrange your furniture once you start unpacking.

Hire a Commercial Moving Company

Commercial moves are challenging since they require more time, effort, and manpower. Even a small office can be taxing to pack, move, and unpack, so it would be best to hire Professional Removalists to do the manual work for you. However, putting the burden on your employees can cause unnecessary stress, so movers can make the process more smooth. If you need a professional company to help you with your office relocation, AAA City Removalist will be the perfect partner. As an AFRA-approved member and industry leader, they know how to handle commercial moves efficiently. Being organized and efficient are critical to a successful commercial move. Given all the preparations you already have to make with your business, hiring professionals to help you with the physical labour is best. This way, you can focus on communicating with stakeholders and relocating operations to ensure a smooth transition.

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