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How To Protect Your Vacant Home in Sydney

How To Protect Your Vacant Home in Sydney


When you are in your new home and your home hasn’t sold yet; it can be worrisome for the homeowner when the home is vacant. AAA City Removalist offers the following tips on how to protect your vacant home.

Lock & secure all doors and windows

Most importantly is securing the entry points to the house. All doors and windows should have solid locks on them to protect the home from burglary.  The locks should also be locked. It is surprising how many homeowners forget to check the locks before they leave a property. Check each window to ensure that it is locked and lock all doors and entry points to the home.

Have a neighbour or friend hold onto an extra key

Whether you are in the local area or not, having a friend or neighbour with an extra key to the home can help tremendously in an emergency situation. For instance, if the burglar alarm goes off to the home, having a neighbour that can check out the home with the right authority is helpful, just as if you need to have a contractor complete any work on the home. Also, you can ask the neighbour to check on the home now and then.


Take care of your yard.

One sure sign that a house is vacant is that the yard gets run down. Do not alert thieves that your home is vacant, which is what overgrown weeds and grass will do. If you are unable to do the weekly yard work, hire a gardener. If you do not have a sprinkler system, install one. Also, ask your neighbour to check on the house weekly to ensure that everything is in good condition.

Install motion detector lights

If you do not have motion detector lights on the outside of your home, install them. They are wonderful at deterring burglars away from home. Put motion detector lights in the front of your home, the back and on each side of the house. When it is dark outside the lights will light up as soon as someone gets close to the home.

Take all valuables from the home

Don’t tempt thieves. Leaving valuables inside of the home like furniture and belongings is asking for trouble. If you cannot take your valuables like your TV with you, then put them in storage. An empty, vacant house is much safer than a vacant house filled with valuables that thieves would love to get their hands on.

Put a home security sign in the front yard.

A home security system sign in the front yard, as well as stickers in the windows, does deter thieves. Regardless of whether you have an alarm or not, you can purchase these signs and stickers. Most burglars will not access a home that they think has an alarm system as there are likely plenty of homes in the neighbourhood that are more vulnerable. If you don’t have a security alarm, consider installing one. Today, they are affordably priced and easy to install.

If you do have a security system be sure that it is in good shape, and don’t let the monitoring expire once you have moved.

Have someone to call in an emergency

While you should have a handyman that you can call when the pipe is broken, or there is a leak somewhere, it is also a good idea to have someone that you can call in an emergency. If there is something going wrong with the home, you want someone that you can pick up the phone and dial to check on the home.

Leave a car parked in the driveway.

If you have a second or spare car, park it in the driveway so that it looks as though someone is home. Burglars are less likely to break into a home when they think someone is there.

Get vacant home insurance.

There is such a thing, and it can be a financial safety net when a home is vacant. Most insurance plans cover vandalism to the property as well as some disasters. Be sure that your home is properly insured with vacant home insurance.

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