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How to Safely Pack Furniture for Your Sydney Move

How to Safely Pack Furniture for Your Sydney Move


Moving furniture can be difficult, especially for homeowners that have never moved a home in the past. Safety of your home and those moving the furniture should always be a top priority. AAA City Removalist offers the following tips to safely pack furniture for your Sydney relocation.

Disassemble your furniture pieces

Large furniture pieces are not going to be easy to move, and safety must always be a focus. Before you move out your dressers, bookshelves, sectional sofas, desks, beds, etc. disassemble the furniture. This is one of the best safety tips for moving furniture. Be sure to keep all hardware and parts in a contained box that is labeled and attached to the piece. Aside from safety, there are different reasons to disassemble furniture:

So it fits through the door without difficulties

So the furniture pieces can easily be carried up and down the stairs to avoid breakage, especially when the furniture is fragile.

Assess The Risks of Moving Dangers

When moving heavy furniture alone always be sure that you have a safe exit strategy that works. When moving furniture safety always needs to be the focus, or you can find yourself in years of pain from injuries that can result. When taking furniture out of your house as well as into your new house, keep the exit, entry, and outdoor pathways clear of potential dangers. Clear all pathways and identify any danger zones. In areas where possible hazards can occur make them as safe as possible, i.e., clearing mud and snow from outside paths, placing blankets around inside banisters or floors to eliminate scratches.

Do Not Try To Move Furniture Alone

Even if your new home is right around the corner, don’t try to move furniture by yourself. The risk of injury is too great. Moving heavy furniture needs always to be considered a team effort. Once you have your moving team coordinated be sure that all your helpers are on the same page.

Have the Proper Equipment to Move Heavy Furniture

Safety tips start with the right furniture. Stay safe with the proper moving tools to move heavy furniture. Your moving furniture should include:

A furniture dolly – Furniture dollies are shaped in an L-shape cart with two wheels. The design allows users to easily lift and move heavy furniture.

Furniture slides – When sliding furniture across the room is necessary it can be safely done with furniture sliders. A slider is constructed with durable plastic on one side and hard rubber on the other and allows furniture to slide with ease. Users need to position the slider under each leg or corner of the piece and sliding begins.

Moving straps – Straps are primarily used by movers when moving heavy furniture as the weight of the furniture is directed away from the person’s back.

Lifting techniques – staying protected when moving furniture is about the best advice one can offer. Being protected includes the right equipment and tools and proper lifting techniques. Moving requires lots of awkward positions which most bodies are not accustomed to. All are bending, pushing, twisting, pulling, and lifting needs to be performed correctly.

Always lift heavy furniture with your legs. When bending, keep your back straight and bend at your knees and use your lower limbs for strength.

Do not pull items. Put them on sliders to push the pieces.

When it is necessary to turn around or sideways while holding heavy furniture, never use your hips, always use your legs.

Wear safe clothing. Never wear loose clothing. Your clothing should be as close to your body as possible.

The footing is also important as it is easy to trip when moving furniture. Be sure that you have the proper shoes an,d be safe by making slow and smooth movements and taking small steps.

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