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How To Save Costs On Packing Materials For Your Sydney Removals

How To Save Costs On Packing Materials For Your Sydney Removals


Packing boxes, tape, wrap, bubble wrap, white paper- the list continues. Packing materials are expensive. Consider the following tips from AAA City on how to save on packing material costs.

Firstly, moving tools like packing calculators and moving box calculators are an asset when moving. The calculators can be found online and designed to help homeowners determine the volume of Packing Materials like boxes required for their Sydney move.

Removalists like AAA City offer the advantage of free moving materials like boxes, lowering moving cost. If your Removalist does not provide supplies, it’s time to rely on local sources for boxes. Cardboard boxes are supplies you can get for free from many local outlets. Contact your local liquor stores, grocery stores, warehouse stores, etc. Ask each if they have boxes you could pick up. If they don’t have boxes, ask if they can save boxes after receipt of their next inventory arrival. Liquor store boxes are suitable for boxes with dividers, providing more protection for packing glassware. You may also be able to pick up some free bubble wrap and packing paper.

Aside from boxes, there are household items that can be used as containers, wraps, etc.

  • Suitcases and duffle bags: Don’t waste a cardboard box on non-breakables. Pack the non-breakables into suitcases and duffle bags.
  • Dresser drawers: Drawers can be used as packing containers. Here, you have two options, keep them in the dresser, or move them separately from the dresser. Leaving items in the drawers eliminates the need to pack items within the draw. If moving the dresser with the drawers in the dresser, wrap the dresser with plastic wrap. If moving the drawers separately, secure each drawer individually in plastic wrap for a secure move.
  • Garbage bags: Light, cushiony items can be moved in garbage bags. Heavy-duty black garbage bags are good for moving hangers, toys, clothing, etc.
  • Linens, clothing, towels: Linens, clothing, and towels can all be used for wraps. For instance, blankets to wrap and protect furniture.
  • Markers and stickers: You will require markers to label moving boxes. Use markers or crayons that you have. Stickers are an option for a code system.

Purchasing and saving in advance also helps to lower the moving cost. Once you have decided to relocate, begin to save around the house. Save the boxes from purchases, newspaper, etc. Visit the dollar store. The dollar store is a source for inexpensive packing supplies like tape and other materials.

As always, sort and toss. The less to pack, the fewer packing supplies you will need.

Moving Tips

  • Removalist hire: Your removalists should be licensed and insured. AAA City is a top-rated, licensed, and insured Sydney moving company.
  • Important documents: Store all important documents in a safe container and keep them with you throughout the moving process.
  • Travel arrangements: If your move is a long-distance relocation, you will need to make accommodation arrangements in advance.
  • Notify friends and family: Whether a new city or state, let your friends and family know your moving day, and provide your contact information.
  • Moving help: Ask friends and family in advance for help on moving day.
  • Essential bag: Pack an essential bag for your first night into your home. Include all the necessities like utensils, toiletries, bedding, a change of clothing, etc.

Moving? AAA City is a highly rated Sydney Moving company. We provide homeowners with exceptional relocations customised to their specific moving needs. For a dedicated mover that offers excellent moving rates, contact AAA City.

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