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How to Unpack Efficiently After a Move

How to Unpack Efficiently After a Move


Did you recently move to another area or relocate to another city? Perhaps you needed a change of scenery or received a job-based in another location. No matter what your reasons may be for moving, there is no denying that the process is much easier said than done. Planning in itself can be taxing, more so if you factor in packing and the actual move. Given how tiring it can be to move to a new home, it is normal to feel overwhelmed about unpacking. The minute you have all your boxes inside your new place, you likely would just want to take a rest.

Everyone can have different sentiments about moving, but it is generally agreeable that unpacking is not the most enjoyable task. Delaying the process, however, may only lead to more problems as it can be inconvenient to live among a stack of boxes. Imagine having to dig through tons of boxes to find something whenever you need it–this can take up much time and effort. To get through the unpacking process quickly and efficiently, here are some key tips to help you out.

Set an Internal Deadline

Start by setting an internal deadline for you to follow. Doing this can give you a greater sense of urgency and prevent you from procrastinating or delaying too much. With that said, it can be hard to actually commit to a deadline if there is nothing motivating you to do it. Thus, one way to see through your deadline is to schedule a housewarming party or invite a few friends over to your house. Knowing that you will have company will push you to finish unpacking since you naturally do not want to have boxes around your home when guests come over.

Take Small Steps

After a long and tiring move, the mere thought of unpacking can be overwhelming. The idea of going through all your boxes and sorting through your belongings may almost seem impossible. Rather than thinking of it this way, give yourself some leeway and start by taking small steps. Areas like the kitchen or bedrooms tend to take the most time, so start with simpler tasks that take little to no effort since the move would have likely gotten you exhausted.

If you focus too much on all the other areas that need work, you end up overthinking and getting more frantic before even starting with anything. Try not to pressure yourself too much and commit to doing a few things each day. You do not necessarily have to get everything done right away, and even the smallest efforts can gradually compound.

Create a System

The key to unpacking efficiently is creating an organized and effective system. If you are hiring a leading Interstate Removalist company like AAA City Removalist to do the packing, you can coordinate with them to ensure your system is followed. You do not necessarily need to plan every single step to the dot, but knowing your priorities and tracking your belongings can help you get through the process quickly. Here are a few things you can do to ensure an easier time:


  • Keep an inventory of your belongings

The hard thing about unpacking is not knowing what is in each of your boxes and having to open everything to find a single thing. To avoid going through this hassle, keep an inventory of what is in each box and assign a corresponding number.

  • Pack a “necessities” box

You never know how tired you may be after moving in, so if you have no more energy to unpack on the same day, it can be hard not having certain necessities. To make sure you have all these things right away, make sure you pack an open-first box specifically for things like tissue paper, medications, toothbrushes, clothing, and other essentials that you will likely need right away. As the name suggests, this box will be the first that you open after moving in.

  • Start with the essentials

Similar to the previous tip, start unpacking your essentials before moving on to more minor belongings. The kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom should thus be at the top of your priority, while areas like your garage or entertainment rooms can be done at the latter part.

  • Unpack before arranging furniture

Start by unpacking all your boxes before you move on to assembling and arranging furniture. The latter can be time-consuming, so you want to make sure you have all your important items out before you get started.

  • Get Some Help

Finally, having additional hands to help out with unpacking can speed up the process and get the work done much quicker. Most Removalists like AAA City Removalist does not just help you with packing but may also assist with unpacking if needed. You can also ask friends or other relatives to help out if you find the task too difficult to handle on your own. Getting help from others can also encourage you to organize your belongings immediately.


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