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Which Items are Not Worth Moving in 2023-24?

Which Items are Not Worth Moving in 2023-24?


When you plan to move to a new home located a long distance from your old house, what you take with you and what you leave behind will significantly affect your moving budget. Purchasing new items such as furniture at your new location, sometimes maybe a more practical solution. Some items are not worth moving, especially if the move is long distance.

Which Items are Not Worth Moving in 2023-24?

Movers or Removalists charge differently depending on how far the move will be. For moves covering short distances, movers will charge by the hour, depending on the number of movers and trucks required for the move. The hourly rate will increase if more movers and trucks are needed. For long-distance moves, most Removalist Companies will factor in the total weight of the items, the distance of the moves, and any additional accessories such as harnesses in their quotation.


When determining which items to take with you and which ones to leave behind, consider the following factors.

The Size of Your New House. Another factor in deciding which items to bring is the size of your new house. Is it bigger or smaller than your current abode? Moving to a larger house would require you to assess which old furniture you can bring and which furniture you should buy new. If you are moving to a smaller abode, it is best to downsize the amount of furniture you have.

Old and Outdated Appliances. You may still have old electrical appliances such as DVD players, outdated computers and laptops laying around in your old home. While these are still working, the chances of you using them in your new place are slim. DVD players are outdated since you can already watch movies on your favourite streaming platforms. However, if you are a nostalgic and sentimental person about your DVD collection, then bringing them with you on your move will be worth the cost.

Old Furniture. Taking your old furniture with you will depend significantly on whether or not you are sentimentally attached to them. It will be more practical for short-distance moves to bring all your old furniture with you rather than buying new furniture. It is expensive to fill out a new home with new furniture.

However, if you are planning long-distance Home Removals or Office Removals, bringing all your furniture may be expensive, especially if the Movers charge per weight. It is best to choose the furniture that you have sentimental attachments with and let go of the rest for long-distance moves. It is best to leave furniture that has seen its best days. Old furniture may get damaged during the move, and you may end up paying a lot of money to have it fixed at your new place.

When deciding which furniture to take along with you, assess its sentimental value, its dollar value and if the furniture will match the overall aesthetics of your new place. You may end up paying for moving old furniture but having it placed in a storage facility because it does not fit or blend well at your new house.

When bringing your old furniture with you, it is best to have a good idea of your new house’s layout to determine where your old furniture pieces will go. If you have measurements of your new home, you can easily plan where your old pieces will go and where to add in new ones.

Overall Aesthetics of Your New Home. It is best to keep your new house’s overall interior design and aesthetics in mind when moving old furniture. Will your old pieces blend in with the new design of your home? You may have a sentimental piece of furniture you want to keep, but it may not look well with the design of your home. Imagine a Victorian piece of furniture placed in a modern home; it will not look good, and that Victorian piece will stand out like a sore thumb.

The Personal Value of Your Items. When deciding which items to leave behind and which items to take with you, personal and emotional value towards the item will outweigh its dollar value. You may have an old couch that came from the childhood home that you want to keep, even if this piece does not match the overall interior design of your home. As long as you are happy, it is best to take items with personal attachments with you on your move.

It is best to decide which items to take with you and which ones to leave behind, especially if you are moving long distances. The decision will ultimately be yours to make.

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