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Last Minute Moving From Parramatta? This Guide Will Help

Last Minute Moving From Parramatta? This Guide Will Help


Last minute moves can be chaotic- stress is high, and there are many things to contend with. You are running for boxes, sorting through items, getting records, and so much more. Pressure is high, stress is high, and the tensions are great. Knowing time is of the essences, AAA City Removalist has put together this guide to help ease the stress, strain and anxiety of a last minute move.

Last Minute Moving Checklist

Go through your household items room by room, separating things that you will throw away or donate to charity / or give away. While time may be limited, you don’t want to pack things into a box that you don’t want to move into your new home. Removalist North Shore offer all kinds of removal services. We know the risk and complicity of removal services, So we are here to simplify your removal services.

Gather up your packing supplies. While you are sorting your items, also inventory the items you’ll keep and plan on what type of supplies you will need to pack them safely for transport. Get all your Packing Supplies at one stop- your boxes, furniture and mattress wrap, tape, sharpies, etc. This will help to ensure you don’t spend useless hours running back and forth to the store.

Do not overlook important details like reading and understanding your contract with your moving company, as well as getting added insurance for your move.

Pack one box that are things you will need within the first few days to the week of moving to your new home- clothes, toiletries, cell phone charger, cosmetics, etc. Pack each room using this system- label your boxes as to priority- 1 top priority (unpack first), etc. This will save time and money as well as chaos rummaging through box to box to find things you may need within the first week or two of your move. Removalist Parramatta offer packing box and trucks for your need.

Label all boxes as to the room and items inside. Arrange your boxes so that heavy and fragile items are not packed together. Linens and clothes can stay in drawers, or you can pack your drawers with breakables (that are properly wrapped to ensure safe transport) or items like books.

Your mind will be going in different directions and staying focused is vital. Minutes count. Find the right moving company. Your moving company will be able to take a tremendous amount of the stress off your shoulders, as well as do many of the tasks that you don’t have time to do. They should also be able to provide you with your Moving Materials, have a checklist of items that should be done before your moves like securing important documents and records, getting prescriptions filled, mail change, and moving tips that will help to make the move easier; as well as tips for adjusting into your new place.

Although your move is a last minute move, it is essential not to overlook details. Contact your insurance company, read all the documents and contract from your moving company, label and pack everything, consult with your movers, etc.

AAA City Removalists offers help to all property owners that are faced with a last minute move. Just give us a call to discuss your moving needs, obtain moving and relocation tips or to obtain a free quote. We are the budget moving company that never dismisses quality.

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