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Macarthur Relocation: Moving Day Tips That Work

Macarthur Relocation: Moving Day Tips That Work


There is nothing fun about moving day. The adrenal is usually stress related; concerns and emotions are high, and the less prepared you are, the greater the anxiety. Moving day is the last step in your relocation process and a day that too many homeowners underestimate. Even with professional movers, the entire day is one that tends to be annoying. Don’t let it get out of hand, take the following moving day tips from Macarthur Removalist into consideration for a smooth relocation.

Moving Day Checklist

Wake Up Early on Moving Day

Do not plan on sleeping in on moving day- even if you have everything fully prepared. The day will be one that is long and stressful, and you need to rise and shine early in the morning, getting a fresh start on the day to be alert when the process begins. By all means, don’t wait until the movers arrive to get out of bed. It is essential to wake up early and be organised for the move.

Wear the Right Attire

Your attire on moving day may not seem too important, but it is. Comfortable clothing is a must. The day will be one that is long and tiring, and it is important that you are in comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes. Also, wear clothing that you are not as worried about as you’ll likely be moving a box or two yourself and doing last minute cleaning. If your move is a long distance move, then bring a change of clothes with you in the vehicle.

Be Sure Your Cell Phone is Charge

On moving day, be sure that your cell phone is charged. Moving day is a day that you do not want to do without your phone, so be certain that you have it fully charged.

Make Lists When Moving

Lists are a great asset when moving, helping you to save time and concerns. Prior to moving day, make a list of the activities on Moving Day. Have all the mobile numbers of your moving company and the crew, everyone’s responsibilities on moving day, and an inventory list. Be sure that all of your boxes are labeled, so unpacking is easier.

Help on Moving Day

Don’t hesitate to ask family and friends to lend a hand on moving day. Be sure that everyone has assigned chores and that tasks do not overlap. Organise your helpers like your move, complete and thorough!

Move Day Packing

Have your packing done prior to moving day. Packing is time-consuming, and if you leave it to the last minute, you will be creating a terrible amount of pressure for yourself. In fact, packing should start weeks prior to your move, allowing you plenty of time to carefully pack your belongings to help ensure no damage occurs while transporting.

Moving Day and the Kids

Moving with children can be difficult; and, it is important to keep the kids happy, especially on the day it comes to move. Enlist the services of a friend to take care of the children on the day you plan on moving. This will allow you to feel at ease that the children are well watched over while you are dealing with the move and the movers. Removalist St George is one of the best removals from AAA City Removals.

Moving Day and the Pets

If you have a pet, be sure that you keep the pet confined in a room on the day you plan on Relocating. Like humans, pets are emotional, and they can sense the concerns and stress of their owners and can easily show up missing.

Arrange Payment

Moving companies will require a moving deposit upfront and then request that you pay the remainder of the bill on the day of the move. Have your check or credit card ready for the mover so that you don’t have to be concerned with finding a pen or that you packed the check book deep in a box.

Check Your Inventory Moving List

Go over your inventory checklist with your movers. This is important not only for lost items, but in case any items are damaged in the move.

Travel with Your Personal Documents, Jewelry, Money and Other Valuable

Do not leave your personal documents, jewelry, money, etc. in the hands of the movers. Transport all valuables and important documents with you in your vehicle.

Confirm the Route to the New Location

ON moving day, confirm the route to your new location yourself and with your movers. The movers may have easy to follow directions that you are unaware of. For more information on Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Interstate moves, contact AAA City Removalists today. We offer quality relocation services at budget moving prices.

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