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Northern Beaches Removalists Moving Day Checklist From

Northern Beaches Removalists Moving Day Checklist From


Every mover should have a checklist before they attempt to plan, pack and implement their move. AAA City Removalists has created a to-do list that is designed to keep you organised and to lighten the stress and strain on moving day.

Moving Day Checklist

1. Mark All Items and Set Them To The Side That Won’t Be Loaded in The Truck

When your driver arrives, you will do a preload walkthrough of your home. Having items that you won’t be relocating to your new home clearly marked and set to the side will ensure that they are not moved, taking unnecessary space and time loading. Also, be sure that your important paperwork about your move does not get packed into a box and shipped with your household goods.

2. Have An Essentials Kit for The Kids

Kids can be the most difficult to keep occupied and happy when travelling, especially with the emotions of leaving their old neighborhood for a new neighborhood. Have a box packed with their “special” things, like their pillow and stuffed animal, as well as travel games and snacks to keep them content when travelling. Also, have a box with their favourite and essentials packed for their new room when they arrive. This will allow the kids to have a sense of home when they arrive in their new home.

3. Take out The Trash and Get Rid of The Flammable Items

On moving day, you should have your home cleared of as much trash as possible. Eliminate as much of the trash as possible and for any last minute trash, ask the neighbor if you can use their container.

Ask your Northern Beaches Removalists for a list of items considered flammable. These items should be packed separately and properly and in a box that is clearly marked, as well as your movers being aware of the items. Items include things such as household cleaners.

4. Parking!

If you live in an area with street parking that is limited, reserve a parking spot on moving day for your Removalists. Ask friends or family to park their vehicles in the spot until the moving truck arrives. The closer you can get the truck to your home, the faster and more convenient your move.

5. Clear Walkways

Be sure that you make it as easy as possible for the movers to remove and pack your items as possible (as well as not to cause damage to existing items).

  • Remove any potted plants and planters from your walkways, front porch and driveways.
  • Remove all floor and door mats.
  • Remove all rugs. Your Moving Company will put down a floor covering to protect the flooring while moving.
  • Remove any items like wind chimes that hang low.
  • Remove the screen door so that doesn’t hinder the movers

6. Alert Your Moving Crew To Special Items

Always be considerate of your driver and crew members

Your special items should be properly packed, the box labeled clearly and set in an area that you can easily point them out to your driver and crew on your preloading walkthrough. The movers will handle your items, but it will be necessary to show them which items are fragile..

7. Consider Your Driver and Crew Members

While you want your moving crew to work as quickly as possible to eliminate cost, don’t forget that they will likely move faster if you have beverages and light snacks ready for them while packing.

Have water ready for the crew or something like a sports drink and some light snacks like finger sandwiches and let the driver and crew know where they are located. Also, let each know where your restroom is if they should need it.

8. Tipping

The question of should you tip or not to tip is completely up to you. Some individuals tip the driver and allow them to share it with the crew. Tipping is perfectly acceptable.

9. Prior To The Moving Truck Pulling away From The Curb

Prior to the moving truck pulling away from the curb, be sure that you understand all the paperwork. If you are confused about something, then ask your driver to explain it prior to signing the document. Be certain that your driver has all your contact information, as well as the directions to your new home. Also, take down any information about the driver like their cell phone number, satellite tracking information, pager, etc.

Also, realise that when you receive a delivery date and time from the driver, it is only an estimate. If the driver is delayed during transport, they should contact you. Prior to saying goodbye to your old house and locking the door, do one final sweep of the home, including the attic and crawl space, under the stairs, storage units, shelves, etc.

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