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Moving Guide A to Z

Moving Guide A to Z


Moving Guide A to Z

Relocating your home is a big task, and without planning and preparation it can be quite tiring.  Reduce the complications and chaos by following our moving guide A to Z from AAA City Removalists that we have designed to keep your move on track and well planned.

Five Weeks to Moving Day

At about five weeks to moving day, you want to start to plan your move.  First on your list should be to being to contact your Movers in Sydney to request quotes.  Do not wait longer than five weeks before the move.  You should shop your moving companies, and choose a relocation company based on the services they provide.

When getting quotes from companies, you want to ensure that you research the companies, identifying the removalists that offer the best services.  Online reviews is a great way to review companies.  Also, gather online quotes.  The quotes should include all charges and the services that the company will provide.  In-house estimates are the best quotes to obtain as the movers will assess the items in your home to be moved, and plan the move based on your items and needs.

Begin to sort through your things and discard anything that no longer has value to you, or will not fit into your new home.  Also, begin a list of items that will require special care like personal transportation and packing.

Empty air bottles and gas cylinders and dispose of any flammable containers in a safe manner.

Consider the items you that you have to move and the type and sizes of boxes you will need.  If your moving company does not supply boxes for your move, then begin to save and purchase boxes.

Get a folder to store all moving receipts, quotes and any documents that have to do with your relocation.

Three Weeks to Moving Day

By now you should have your relocation company lined up.  Make a follow-up call to the company to confirm the dates & times, your new address, the services provided, etc.

Contact all your accounts to inform them of your change of address.

Contact your new utility company to arrange for your services to be turned on in your new home on the date you arrive. Also, arrange to have your current utilities shut off.

Return any library books and videos.

One Week to Moving Day

Pack your essentials that you will need when you arrive in your new home.  This includes a change of clothes, bed linens, and toiletries.  Make a layout of your new home, and plan where your furniture will be placed. Provide your moving company with your layout for them to place the furniture when they unload it at your new home.

Water and pack your indoor plants in nylon lined boxes.  Cancel any deliveries that you have, including your newspaper and milk.

Two Days to Moving Day

Check your essentials box to ensure that you have everything you need in the box.

Confirm with your moving company the date & time of your move, as well as your new address and telephone numbers.  If you are renting, collect the keys to your new home from the owner or agency.

One Day to Moving Day

Empty your refrigerator, clean and dry.

Moving Day

Put any pets in the bathroom with a “Do Not Open – Pets Inside” sign.  This will ensure they are there when it comes time to leave.

Direct your removalist staff by offering them any handy information, including your layout for your furniture when they arrive at your new home.

Have your inventory list ready and check off each box as it is loaded onto the van, as well as when it is unloaded from the van.

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