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Moving to Sydney? Help and Advise

Moving to Sydney? Help and Advise


Local moves can be just as tedious, just as strenuous and just as unorganised as long distance relocations. Take the following moving tips from AAA City Removalists into consideration before preparing for your move.

Moving Tips Sydney

Don’t wait to book your movers. Begin to research local Sydney Movers two to one month before your moving day. Relocation companies book well in advance, especially during the busy moving months.

Don’t move your large appliances without first reading the owner’s manual to determine if there are any special packing and moving instructions.

Do not get rid of your child’s special attachments before the move. Children have a difficult time when relocating, and this will add to their stress.

Get rid of all hazardous materials as they are on the list of moving companies as prohibited items.

Consider what you will need both your first night and day into your new home. Pack a box of essential elements that contains items that you will need your first night into your new home. The box should include a change of clothes, sheets, toiletries, snacks, and beverages, etc.

Don’t forget items you may have packed away in the attic, basement, rafters or crawl space.

Keep things that you will need to quickly clean your home like a broom and cleaning supplies so that you can do a quick cleaning of the home once the last box is packed onto the moving van.

Do not forget to pack snacks and beverages for the move.

Arrange to have your utilities at your home disconnected and reconnected at your new home. Utility disconnects and reconnects should be scheduled no less than a week before moving day. Many removal companies provide this service for their customers.

Cancel cable, newspaper, cleaning help, pest control, lawn and pool services, etc. a week before moving day.

Submit your change of address about a week before moving day.

Clean your stove a few days before moving day.

Visit the ATM for any cash, or go to the bank for cashier’s checks for any cash that you may need to get you through the move.

If you have friends and family help you move, be sure to ask ones that you can depend on to be there on Moving day.

Movers in Sydney

Packing tips

Keep items that belong in one room in one box.

Use wardrobe boxes for clothes. Wardrobe boxes offer a much better packing box as you don’t have the concern with wrinkles or items going out of shape.

Use small boxes for books. No box should weigh over 30 lbs. This applies to heavy items, as well. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes.

Don’t wrap fine china in printed newsprint.

When packing dishes, pack them vertically.

Pack sentimental and important documents separately and carry these documents with you.

Always use packing tape.

Pack electronic equipment in their original boxes. If you no longer have the original boxes, wrap in bubble wrap and then secure them in a box suitable for their size.

When packing and unpacking breakables, do so over a padded surface.

Never interlock the tops or bottoms of boxes. Use tape.

Never use boxes without tops.

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