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Organising Removals in Sydney

Organising Removals in Sydney


How to Organise Removals in Sydney

Starting early does mean a fresh take to the tedious chore of moving.  AAA City Removalist offers the following tips to help organise your move in Sydney.

Start no less than two months prior to moving day, breaking your chores down in a steady pace that doesn’t overwhelm you.

2 Months Prior to Moving Day

  • Research moving companies in Sydney.  Ask friends and colleagues for suggestions, as well as research on the Internet.
  • Speak with your insurance company to determine if you need more insurance coverage for your move.  Check your homeowners’ policy and discuss what is covered.
  • If you are relocating to a new area, get information from the local council in the area.  Also, research schools, doctors and banks.  Get prepared, knowing what vendors you’ll need, know their location and set up accounts.

7 Weeks Prior to Moving Day

  • Obtain estimates in writing from the top three choices you have in a moving company Sydney.  The companies should be licenced, and come to you to perform an inventory checklist and provide a quote.
  • Purchase an envelope binder that allows you to keep your moving estimates and moving related paperwork organised.
  • Start a list in your daily binder or notebook of businesses that you will need to contact to provide with your forwarding address, as well as accounts you’ll have to change.

6 Weeks Prior to Moving Day

  • Start to sort and dispose of.  Sort through your closets and drawers and begin to get rid of everything that you no longer need, haven’t used or is not something you need at your new place.  Donate or save the items for a yard sale.
  • Visit your school to have your children’s school records transferred, and to make any plans for your child that may make the transition easier.
  • Begin your packing.  Contact your moving company to find out if they provide boxes.  Start with packing boxes with your less frequently used items.

5 Weeks Prior to Moving Day

  • Start to use up your food in your pantry, freezer and refrigerator.  When shopping, only purchase what you need.
  • Begin to let your friends and family know that you are moving.  Email is a convenient way to contact friends and those you love with a moving announcement.
  • Have all your moving supplies organised moving boxes, labels, tape, packing material, cutters, etc?
  • Have a box labeling system in place.
  • Start to pack room by room.

4 Weeks Prior to Moving Day

  • Submit your change of address to your local Post Office.
  • Submit your change of address to all businesses and accounts.
  • Ask your boss for the days of work surrounding your move.  If you have children, consider scheduling a babysitter.
  • Confirm the date and time, as well as cost, etc. of your move with your movers.  Be sure that all your insurance is in place.

3 Weeks Prior to Moving Day

  • Cancel your newspaper and magasines and set up delivery to your new address.
  • Gather important documents, family heirlooms and jewelry.  Pack these items separate from your moving boxes.
  • Take an inventory of all items with photographs or a videotape.  Note any existing scratches, damage, etc.

2 Weeks Prior to Moving Day

  • Tie up all loose ends.  Confirm that all accounts, etc. have received your change of address.
  • Have your insurance in place.
  • Begin to clean your appliances.
  • Fill any prescriptions you may have.
  • Have your payment for your movers ready.

1 Week Prior to Moving Day

  • Be sure that you have arranged for your utility disconnect and reconnect.
  • Get rid of all flammable items that you will not be moving.
  • Be sure everything has been donated that you will not be moving.
  • Back up your computers.
  • Prepare your essential box.
  • Begin to clean room by room, or hire a cleaning company to clean after the movers have packed and moved your home.
  • Say goodbye to your old home, neighborhood, family and friends.
  • With a little organization, your move will be one that is minimal in stress.

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