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How to Pack Delicate Items in Sydney

How to Pack Delicate Items in Sydney


Delicate items break easily when not properly packed.  AAA City Removalist offers the following tips on how to pack  fragile tems.

Don’t Just Pack, Prepare

Delicate items aren’t something you throw into a box with a bit of tissue wrapped around the item.  Take the time to pack properly crystal, porcelain, electronics and other breakables with the proper packing materials.  Start early packing your delicates.

The Right Materials Mean Less Chance of Damage

The right materials are essential when packing fragile items.  You will need moving boxes that are the proper size for your items, packing paper, packing peanuts and bubble wrap, scissors, pliable cardboard and packing tape.  Large, delicate items like mirrors should be packed in a box their size and by themselves.


How to Pack

  • Plates:  Plates should be wrapped individually in bubble wrap and secured with tape.  Pack plates vertically with similar size plates in each box.  Cushion the bottom, sides, any gaps and top of the box and seal with tape.  Do not overpack a box.  Label the box with its contents.
  • Glasses:  Glasses should also be wrapped individually in packing paper with crumpled paper stuffed into the inside.  Line all boxes with a cushion made from packing paper on the bottom, sides, tops and any gaps.  When packing the glasses place the heaviest items on the bottom of the box.  Seal and label the box with its contents.
  • Lamps:  Lamp shades should be packed in boxes.  Place the shade flat side down in the box, and cushion with plenty of paper on the bottom, sides and top of the box.  Pack lamp shades individually.  Bubble wrap can be used.
  • Pictures / Frames:  Pictures and frames should be placed in paper lined small to medium sized boxes.  Pack the pictures and frames standing if they are larger than 8 inches.  Crumple paper to line the bottom, sides, and top of the box, and crumpled paper between each item.  Frames should be wrapped in packing paper.  If a picture is larger than 3 feet, secure the picture with a moving blanket, plastic wrap and move separately.
  • Specialty Items:  When packing specialty items, consider the shape of the item.  It is important that you have the proper moving boxes, as well as protection for the pieces.  Consider the size of the piece, as well as any odd shapes like handles or corners that could easily break during transport.  Wrap each item in bubble wrap and secure with tape.  Cut cardboard to place the piece on.  Place another cardboard piece on the top and secure with tape.  Ben the ends of the cardboard and secure with tape.  After wrapping the item, secure it in a paper lined box that is cushioned on the bottom, sides and top of the box and tape and label the box.  Be sure to label with “FRAGILE – This Side Up”.

Do not use newsprint when packing.  Always use packing paper, packing peanuts or bubble wrap for the items.Also, alert your movers to the boxes that contain fragile items.

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