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Removal Packing Essentials Manly – Warringah

Removal Packing Essentials Manly – Warringah


When it comes to moving, everybody thinks that they know everything about it. However, there is a pretty good reason why there are professional Removalists Company and why so many moves go wrong. In many cases, people tend to forget some of the most important packing supplies and end up having to deal with damages to their valuables and unnecessary stress in the process. For those who want to avoid having to deal with damages and losses, it is incredibly important to know what packing supplies must have and which ones aren’t as important but yet nice to have.


As most people probably already know, boxes are the essence of all moves. Without them, there would be no packing anything. While there may be some creative ways to pack some stuff, there simply is no better and more cost effective way of packing than cardboard boxes. They are available in every home improvement store, as well as directly from your removalists company. Since some people have already seen their fair share of moves in the past and already own one or the other cardboard box, it is important to know that old cardboard boxes may start to malfunction. If they have been in contact with water at some point, they may have started molding and can give in to a heavy load. Boxes that have been folded and unfolded numerous times may also not be as strong as they have been anymore. The folding tends to bend the cardboard and thus destroys its integrity. Make sure to check your old boxes before you use them or else you may find yourself with scattered, broken belongings in between your house and moving vehicle.


Tape is another basic packing supply that you can’t have enough of. Even the Best Boxes can open without being taped up properly. This is because the damage and a headache you didn’t see coming. Therefore, make sure you don’t run out of duct tape half way through your move. You can get duct tape both in your local home improvement store and directly from your professional removalist.


Since most people are lovers of glass, crystal and porcelain, having enough newspaper around can really make a difference. Likely the most fragile part of your move, your glassware needs to be protected even better than most other things. In addition to being packed up in boxes, you need to make sure that the little bumps and hiccups during your move don’t end up damaging your glassware. Even the slightest movements can cause your glasses, plates, vases, etc. to slam against one another and cause unnecessary breakage. By wrapping each individual piece in newspaper, you not only protect them well, but you also make it easier to stack them. The newspaper helps that the pieces don’t move and are nicely stacked in a way that will protect them from damages. If you are not an avid newspaper reader yourself and don’t have a stack of old papers lying around somewhere, simply ask your friends and family or talk to a vendor in the area for old papers.

Other essentials:

During your move, everything that provides cushioning and stability for your valuables is important. Old blankets, comforters and pillows can serve you extremely well. Not only can you wrap electronics in them, but you can also place them in between your furniture on your truck, in order to prevent scratches and bumps that are simply unnecessary. You can also get professional Moving Blankets from your professional of choice. Bubble wrap is another one of those things that can make your move much easier, but in general anything that provides cushioning will do.

For heavier boxes, as well as furniture and especially washers, dryers and refrigerators that can cause a headache all by themselves make sure to have a dolly present. Depending of your house and the size and weight of your freight, you can choose the size. If you are not already the owner of one, you can buy them at your local home improvement store or rent one from your removalist. For more packing tips and other household and purchase items that will make your move easier, talk to your moving professional.

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