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Packing Tips For A Pleasant Relocation From Removalist Sydney

Packing Tips For A Pleasant Relocation From Removalist Sydney


Relocating to a new area is always stressful. AAA City Removalist offers the following packing tips to help eliminate the stress of your relocation.

Prior to Packing

Firstly, do not wait until the last minute to begin to pack. You’ll be in chaos. Begin early, considering what you want to take with you and the types of items that will be moved to your new location. This will help you to determine the packing materials that you need.

Make a Priority Packing List

Begin with sorting through your belongings and as you sort, toss. With each item, ask yourself if the item is something that you need, something that you use and something that you want in your new home. If not, then put it in the donate or yard sale pile. Chances are if you haven’t used the item in six months or more, it is something that you don’t need. For items that you aren’t sure whether you want to pack and relocate to your new home put to the side and come back to them in a week or two.

Consider Your Initial Needs When Packing

Unless you are planning on only moving a room, you are not likely to be able to unpack all your belongings your first day into your new home. Decide what you will need in your new home for the first day / night or two. Pack the essentials in a separate box and load the box last onto the moving truck, ensuring it is among the first boxes to enter the home, so you can easily locate the box. (A change of clothes, toiletries, toilet paper, tea, coffee, snacks, plastic wear, etc.) For each member of the household, prepare an overnight bag.

When packing the essentials, do not forget to pack bedding for the first night, a first aid kit, including pain relievers, notepad with a pencil, and a flashlight.

Be sure to label each box as 1st Night Essentials

Calculate the number and sizes of boxes you will require and get the boxes well in advance. If you have hired a Local Removalist Sydney, contact the Relocation Specialist and ask if they supply boxes and packing materials. You will need a variety of packing materials including tape, mattress and bubble wrap, self seal bags and markers.

When packing large boxes, do not fill the boxes completely. This will help ensure that the boxes are not too heavy to move. Also, use old newspaper to fill and cushion the bottom, top and sides of the box.

For hazardous materials like bleach, paint, and aerosols, pack the items in a separate box, keeping them separate from your household items. Be sure to label the box clearly.

Sensible Packing

Take the time to “think” about your packing. For instance, your breakables will need to be carefully wrapped and in sturdy boxes with plenty of support. Furniture will need to be dismantled. Heavy books will need to be packed. Begin at the top of the house and move downwards. If you have an attic with items stored in the attic, consider starting there.

When packing heavy items, pack them in small boxes to ensure that you can easily move the boxes. This will also help to make transporting the heavy items easier and to avoid strain on the body.

When packing, don’t take on the entire house at once. Pack one room at a time. Label each box with the contents of the box and the room that the box belongs in. This will help to lessen the chaos when unpacking.

Important documents like marriage and birth certificates transported with you.

Label boxes that contain breakables “FRAGILE – THIS END UP”.

Keep all boxes for each room together.

If you do not have furniture blankets, use household blankets, and pillows can be used to help protect furniture.

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