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Platforms and Apps You Can Use to Sell Things For Your Moving Sale in Sydney 2024-25

Platforms and Apps You Can Use to Sell Things For Your Moving Sale in Sydney 2024-25


Moving sales are a great way to get rid of old and unwanted items while earning some income. Reducing your clutter before packing can significantly reduce costs and avoid unnecessary expenses from moving things you will end up not using.

If you plan to hold a pre-move sale, advertising will be vital in promoting your items and attracting more people. Nowadays, there are other ways to advertise your ads beyond Local Newspapers. So to maximize your reach and presence, here are popular apps and platforms you can use to sell your things before you move.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is one of the most popular and accessible selling platforms to put up old and unwanted items. Any user with a Facebook account can set up shop and browse through the listings, making it a great place to reach many potential buyers.

One advantage of Facebook Marketplace is that it displays listings based on a user’s geographic location. Thus, it is the perfect place to reach people in your area, making it convenient to meet up if buyers want to see the items before buying. Buyers can also chat with you directly for any inquiries, so you can easily talk about payment, meet-up, and delivery details.


Gumtree is another recognized marketplace you can list all types of items, ranging from furniture to electronics to cars and many others. Furniture and appliances are particularly popular on this platform since people usually come to furnish and decorate their first home.

The best part about Gumtree is you can post your ads for free on the site, effectively trimming your costs. But of course, if you want to advertise aggressively, you can pay some extra to boost your ads and make them more visible.


If your extra items mostly consist of clothes, you can sell your used closet goods on the Poshmark app. Poshmark is one of the biggest marketplaces for preloved clothes and accessories. All you have to do is take a photo of your things and list it on the platform for users to browse through.


Nextdoor is an excellent neighbourhood app that brings communities together. It allows people from the same locales to interact and sell items to each other. Thus, if you want to clean up things from home and get customers from your neighbourhood, Nextdoor is the perfect place to do this. By listing your items and photos here, you can let everyone in your area know about your sale and speed up the process.

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eBay is a massive online marketplace, so make sure you also consider this platform to sell your secondhand things. Generally, you set a fixed price, but interested buyers can make an offer if they want to haggle. Alternatively, you can also sell your items auction-style, allowing users to bid on your things.


Letgo is another app to buy and sell used things. The interface is relatively easy and simple to use, so you can easily put up a listing in a few seconds. The platform also features a unique technology that automatically names and categorizes your listing, making the listing process more efficient. Then, if buyers see anything they like, they can easily chat with you for inquiries and purchases.


Craigslist is the go-to website for classified ads, making it the perfect place to promote your upcoming moving sale. Contrary to the other platforms, Craigslist is not for posting your products directly for sale but for posting your ad. It is an effective way to attract more traffic and spread the word about your sale, so make sure you put up a local ad early on.

Selling things before a move is a smart and practical way to declutter your home and make sure you only pack the essentials. So once you conclude your sale, you can consider hiring a professional removalist to help you with the moving process.

If you seek a partner to help you with the job, AAA City Removalist is the best choice. They are an AFRA-approved member with a trained and experienced team who knows how to handle the packing, transporting, loading and unloading. Thus, you can rest easy knowing they will take care of your belongings and get rid of all the stress and hassle in the moving process for you.

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