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Relocating Sydney South To North Sydney? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

Relocating Sydney South To North Sydney? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes


Relocating can be a smooth move or chaos.  Unfortunately for most property owners, it is the second.  AAA City Removalist offers these handy tips to help all property owners to avoid common mistakes that property owners tend to make when relocating.

Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Not properly planning your relocation.  Moving isn’t just throwing the items in your home into a box and onto a truck.  Your move should start with a moving checklist.  A moving checklist will help to eliminate the possibility of overlooking something during your moving process.  Plan at least a month ahead of your move- your checklist should plan your days, weeks and even months ahead of your move. When you are in busy because of your relocation from Sydney, Sydney Removalist help you in your removal services. Include everything from when to get your pet records and children’s school records, to prescriptions filled, to boxes packed, to mail change, etc.  You should also include a budget planner.  Your checklist should be planned for at least four weeks ahead of your move.

Not getting multiple moving quotes.  Requesting a moving quote from one moving company is not enough.  There is a great deal of competition in the moving industry, and although the cheapest quote does not mean the best, you want a Professional Mover that is competitive.  Your quotes should detail everything, including the mover’s damage policies. Once you get your quote, be sure to research the companies.  Ask for referrals, verify their DOT number and registration with the Department of Transportation and ask for a copy of their insurance coverage.

Don’t bypass items during the estimate.  Items to move include jewelry and documents.  Movers base them quote on the inventory list of the property owner.  So, be sure, not to leave off important and expensive items. Packing at the last minute.  Packing at the last minute means poor packing.  Packing should be done with care, properly wrapping and packing your goods and labeling the boxes properly to ensure their safety.  Start to pack at least two weeks for your move to eliminate the strain of being rushed.

Not understanding your insurance documents.  It is essential to have the proper insurance when moving.  Moving companies offer basic limited liability insurance at no cost, but additional insurance may be needed.  Check with your insurance company to discuss your coverage and possible add-on coverage for your move. Not transporting your most precious belongings and money yourself.  Items like money and jewels should be transported with the Property Owner and not left in the hands of the movers.  Not understanding your moving paperwork.  It is essential that you understand your moving contract, what is covered, what you obligation is aside from paying the bill and what coverage you are offered should damage occur during the move.

Not securing your pets prior to your move.  Moving day is chaotic, and pets especially can become jittery and become a no show on moving day. Secure your pets in a room while packing, so they are there when you are ready to leave the property.  Also, don’t pack dogs and cats in the same box- this is a big mistake as tensions are great in pets during a move, and you may find that those lovable pets that normally get along become claw creatures that attack one another. For more information on moving or moving tips or quotes on home or office moves, AAA City Removalist is just a phone call away.  We are the budget moving company that offers quality moves in and around Brisbane, removalist Melbourne, removalist Penrith, Sydney, Canberra and Interstate wide.  For professional movers at budget moving rates Call 02 97371111 or Get a Quote.

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