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Relocating From Inner West, What to Do When Your Movers are Late?

Relocating From Inner West, What to Do When Your Movers are Late?


You’ve planned and packed; and, now after tedious hours of strenuous prepping and packing, moving day is here. The day is stressful, and you are sure something is wrong. Then, you realize, there is no sign of your movers. Yes. You’ll panic, but keep calm. Take these tips from AAA City Removalists to know what to do when your removalists don’t show up.

What to Do When Your Movers are Late

Whether you realise it or not, there are many things you can do when your moving company is late. You will react differently depending on whether they are just late for your scheduled pickup or have failed to show up entirely.

The Moving Company Hasn’t Shown Up

Try to keep calm. Calmly breath in and out. There is likely a logical explanation as to why your relocation specialists are late like they are caught up in traffic or have a flat or something reasonable. It is not uncommon for moving vehicles to be pulled to the side of the road for inspection, which would also cause a delay in their arrival time- although your movers should be fully equipped to contact you in the case of a delay. But, if they don’t, call them.

If your moving company has given you the contact information of the movers who will be performing your move, get out the number and give them a call. If they haven’t, call the Moving Company itself, alert them to the situation and ask them to contact the movers or for an explanation as to the delay and what to expect. Let them know that you are disappointed about the late pickup and ask them for as much information as possible, as well as a confirmation as to when they will arrive.

If You Can’t Reach Your Movers

If you discover that you cannot reach your movers on the telephone, try an alternative number if you have been given one. If you are still unable to reach the movers, wait a reasonable amount of time and then consider finding another mover. Same day movers are available in most areas. Access the internet (you may have to run down to your local library or the neighbors home). Emergency home movers should be listed and offer quotes via the Internet. For example when you are in Inner West then just search Removalist Inner West, you definitely get another emergency movers.

While you are waiting for your emergency home movers, try to get everything more prepared for the move. If you have furniture that needs to be disassembled and you feel confident taking the furniture apart, you can begin to do so. If not, leave it to the professionals.

All items should be ready to be loaded or placed so that the movers can easily pack or dismantle the furniture. Check all the boxes to make sure they are labeled. Check to make sure your essentials box is ready and some place that you know where it is so it isn’t packed deep with the rest of your items. Recheck your valuables like important documents and jewelry and make sure they are away from the boxes so that they don’t get mixed in with the other items.

If Your Movers are Late for Pickup

Waiting for your moving company to arrive is stressful in itself. If they are late, they will either be a no show or they are just delayed. If you hired professional movers, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about unless the moving date were somehow miscommunicated. Calmly call the moving company and ask about the crew’s whereabouts.

If you hired unprofessional movers, then the worry will be stronger. Unfortunately, there are many scam movers who take a large deposit and then are gone on moving day. If you find yourself in this position, don’t hesitate to file a complaint against the mover.

To avoid the scenarios above, do your research before you hire a moving company. Read reviews on the company and ask for references. AAA City Removalists offers Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Interstate moves and Removalist Blacktown Interstate moves, offering a full range of relocations services at budget moving rates.

For more information on Relocations or to discuss your moving needs, contact us today. We offer quality moves performed by time conscious removalists who guarantee you will hear from them before concern sets in should they be late.

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