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Relocating the Office in Sydney ? Don’t Overlook These Tips

Relocating the Office in Sydney ? Don’t Overlook These Tips


No office move is without work. Offices require more detail when packing and moving as there are many more faucets to handle. Whether you are moving a staff of two or one in the hundreds, there are specifics that must be followed or you will find that when the unpacking begins, you will spend days to weeks trying to get everything in place. Even the computer must be broken down, labeled and all cords and connections properly identified or you will be in complete chaos. AAA City Removalist offers office relocation services in Sydney and throughout NSW at affordable prices. We offer a number of advantages that have helped us to earn our reputation.

Flexible Office Removals

No two office moves are the same. Each has its own set of standards, and each has its own schedule, budget and challenges that must be met. AAA City Removalists know the specific requirements of office removals whether Corporate Offices , government buildings, hospitals, retail shops, organisations, etc. We specialise in office moves and have the resources, knowledge and manpower to ensure that the move is performed in the most convenient non-obstruction manner, whether performed during business hours or after hours.

Planning Your Office Relocation

Planning is essential in an office move and your planning should begin weeks prior to your move. Without planning you will not be properly prepared for the move, nor what to expect. It is important that you understand the difference resources you’ll need and the equipment. AAA City Removalists has the information, equipment and manpower to ensure that you have the knowledge and the experience for a Office Relocation that is second to none. Not only will we be there prior to and on moving day, we’ll also ensure that your arrival and unloading and unpacking is the best experience.

Moving Specifics

With some moves, business owners have to comply with Heath & Safety Regulations, building regulations, etc. It is important that prior to a move you are fully aware of any permits, permissions, etc. that you must request and adhere to. There are always challenges and obstacles in a move, and understanding each helps to decrease the intensity of each on moving day. Ready to plan your move? The following are tips designed for all business owners. Moving an office is not easy, and it won’t go smoothly if you aren’t prepared.

You and your staff

While each of us understands the anxieties and complexities of a move, not all business owners remember to focus on their and their staff’s heath and safety, which should be a priority in a office relocation. Start to prepare your staff weeks prior to the move. Allowing them to adjust to the move and to ready themselves, their work area, etc. for the move. Keep things positive and friendly, and most importantly don’t rush the staff with last minute expectations. The less stress and strain on the office, the more productive the move will be and the less chaos your staff will experience.

Removal Company

Most business owners will have a removal company perform their Office Removal. The reason is simple, to ensure a move that is convenient and one that is safe. Office goods and furniture require expertise in handling and moving and the company should have years of experience. Begin to interview different companies a few weeks prior to your move.

Destroy or Store Sensitive Information

Each business has sensitive information whether it is in regards to employees, the office and business operations, or clients. When relocating the office, it is important that all sensitive paperwork and documents be handled properly. Destroy documents that should be destroyed with a shredder and be sure that all other sensitive and important documents and paperwork are secured properly in a locked file cabinet or safe when moving.

Mark all boxes and furniture clearly

Removal Boxes and furniture must be marked clearly or your new office will be in chaos. A colour coded system is the ideal means to to eliminate confusion. Mark each box and all furniture with a sticker and label the sticker, identifying the items and the appropriate room. This will allow the movers to know where to put the boxes and furniture when they get to the new office.
With planning, your move will be a relaxed move with the least challenges. There are many things that can go wrong with a move, so the better planning, the less chance of obstacles occurring. A professional moving company helps to eliminate the stress of moving as a professional moving company will plan and execute the move for you.

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