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How a Removalist in Sydney can safely Move your Piano

How a Removalist in Sydney can safely Move your Piano


Pianos are not an ordinary piece of household furniture. It is vital that before your Sydney Removalist, you are prepared to properly Move your piano. Consider the following factors from AAA City Removalist to ensure a safe Move of your piano. With 230 strings and about 10,000 separate moving parts, your piano is a delicate piece of furniture. The instrument is complex, and Relocating the piano is more complex. It is always best to hire removalists Sydney to move your piano.

Grand pianos are large, and shaped in a harp shape, weighing over 1,200 pounds. Baby grands are a smaller scale version of the Grand, and weight about half as much. Upright pianos are smaller, but even with a smaller size, they still weight over 400 pounds. Upright pianos are the easiest to move as typically you can fit them through most door openings. To move a piano safely, and without injury, typically about five men are needed.

What You Need To Consider When Moving Your Piano?

Before deciding that your piano is something you can lift and pack into a moving van, consider the following:

It is always best to contact a Furniture Removal Company such as AAA City Removalists before your Relocation, regardless of whether you can afford the mover. The quote you receive will provide the details of the removal, which will alert you to anything you may have overlooked.

Before Moving the piano, have a clear path before you start. Also, the piano should be covered in non-slip blankets. Fold the edges of the blankets beneath the instrument and tightly secure them with moving cords so that the finish of the piano is not damaged.

Lock the lid before moving to ensure the protection of the ivory keys.
Never try to leverage the weight of the piano in one direction or the other. For instance, if you tip the instrument over a set of stairs, the midsection of the piano can suffer stress and permanently warp the frame of the piano.

Inside the piano, place packing desiccants before wrapping the piano. If you are loading the piano into a truck that will be parked in a humid environment overnight, the wood can warp and crack.

Once loaded in the truck, be sure to secure the piano so that it does not Move or bounce during transport. Movement can damage the instrument, so it is essential that you properly secure the piano.

When security the piano, use heavy duty furniture straps, not cargo straps. Heavy duty furniture straps are much more secure than the cargo straps.

Before Moving a grand piano, remove its legs. The legs to a grand piano are quite fragile, and it is not uncommon for breakage or damage to occur when transporting the instrument. Also, removing the legs typically means that you will be able to fit the piano vertically through doorways.

Never pack the piano last. Put the piano in the back of the moving van or truck, directly against the wall. If the interior of the vehicle is not level, place wood planks on the floor to evenly balance the weight of the piano.

After moving the piano, it is important to tune the piano as the differences in atmospheric pressure and humidity influence / detune the piano. According to experts, pianos should be tuned four times in the first year after relocating, and then once or twice a year after that.

For more information on Relocating, contacting the Removalists you can trust. Contact AAA City Removalists. We are Sydney Removalists that provide residential, commercial and specialty moves.

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