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Removals Tips For Women

Removals Tips For Women


It is necessary for women to take precautions when moving houses. While the best advice is to hire a reliable & experienced Removalist in Sydney, Canberra, Interstate or Country, other tips need your attention, as they will help to keep you safe. AAA City Removalist offers the following moving tips for women.

Before Moving Day

Don’t announce your move. As few people as possible should know that you are moving before your relocation. It is essential to let close friends and families know of your plans, as well as enlist their assistance. However, keep it to those you can trust. You don’t want unexpected visitors or to put your life and belongings in jeopardy. If possible, have all deliveries sent to your office address, and have your postal office hold all mail during your relocation. Do not have packages or mail delivered to your new home until you have moved into the home.

If you rented your previous home, ask your landlord not to provide enquirers with your forwarding address. If they are real friends and family, they should know about your relocation. If you plan to hire a professional Sydney Removalist, ensure that the Removalist is highly rated on Google or Facebook, reputable, and reliable. Your moving company should be a local moving company that is insured, as well as trusted and experienced.

Do not let others have the impression that you are moving alone. If a professional removalist is not in your budget, hire a removalist to load and unload the truck or ask for assistance from family and friends, however, it is recommended to leave the moving job to the professionals. Familiarise yourself with your neighborhood before your moving day. Knowing your neighbors, the areas around you, and conveniences will help for safer relocation.
Safety on Moving Day

  • If you are moving alone, keep it quiet. Do not tell your new neighbors as strangers are strangers and acquaintances are acquaintances.
  • Have a friend or family member guard the moving truck while you or the movers are unloading and carrying belongings into your new home.
  • If you do not plan on being directed back to the moving truck when unloading items into the home, lock the truck. Also, if the truck is not visible from the home and you will be away for longer than a few minutes, it should be locked.
  • Do not pack precious valuables like jewelry or heirlooms with other items. Keep them separate in the trunk of your car. If you have a safe deposit box keep them in the box until you are settled.
  • Know where your purse is at all times as well as your valuables. Someone could snatch them while you are not watching.
  • Label boxes with the room name of which the contents belong.

Getting Settled

  • Change your locks immediately. If changing the locks is out of your budget, have a locksmith rekey the locks.
  • Check all entry points to the home and ensure that the locks are in working function. Also, add safety locks to sliders, doors, and sliding glass doors, as well as the garage doors for added safety.
  • Cover windows as quickly as possible to prevent unwanted viewing of your possessions. Take a sheet or a blanket and use them as curtains.
  • When the utility providers arrive to connect utilities such as gas, electricity, cable, and television, have a friend over. Preferably, a male friend.
  • Install motion lights on the outside of the home as soon as possible. Motion lights should be around entryways and are a deterrent to thieves.
  • Do not purchase a home on an alleyway.

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