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Safety Tips for Furniture Moving During Your Relocation

Safety Tips for Furniture Moving During Your Relocation


Heavy, awkward, stairs, doorways. The chore of moving furniture is tiring, especially if you have never moved furniture previously. Injuries can easily occur as well as damage to your cherished belongings. AAA City Removalist offers the following guidelines to safely move furniture during your Sydney relocation.

Disassemble Your Furniture

The larger it is, the easier it will be to move disassembled; just as the safer, it will be. Furniture like beds, dressers, bookshelves, tables, desk, armchairs, are all pieces of furniture that can be troublesome to move. When moving any item, safety is a priority. Disassembling your furniture is a safer way to move.

Reasons to disassemble your furniture

Big and awkward pieces may be hard to fit through the door, or might not fit through the door opening at all. Breaking down the furniture will allow property owners to safely move furniture from their homes.
Heavy pieces of furniture can be better carried to the moving truck when disassembled.

Fragile pieces of furniture are less likely to experience damage when disassembled, especially those with glass components.

Disassembling your furniture will help to ensure the safety of your furniture.

Identify any moving dangers, and once identified, remove them.

Again, when moving furniture safety is of utmost importance. There are plenty of safety tips to follow, and some will reduce the risk of injury and strain. Keep all exit ways and pathways clear of potential dangers. Before you remove any furniture from your home walk along all exit paths and pathways inside the home and outside, identifying and removing any possible hazards. Also, identify problematic areas as well as assess the protection needs of corners and surface areas. Being disorganized can be hazardous, causing obstacles that can jeopardize safety.

Don’t forget your helpers

Attempting to move a home yourself is setting you up for failure. Do not try to move by yourself. Moving is a heavy and tedious job and a task that few people can handle alone. Think of it this way, if you were to hire movers they’d come in a team. Ask friends and family early on if they can help you to relocate your home. Once you have your helpers allot each helper specific tasks, and be sure that they know all necessary safety procedures to reduce the risk of injury.

Be sure you have the proper equipment to move heavy furniture

Furniture is big, heavy, and awkward, and the right moving equipment is necessary when moving a home. Without the right type of tools and equipment, as well as implementing the right moving techniques you are likely to injure yourself. Moving materials necessary to relocate furniture include:

A furniture dolly – A furniture dolly is a back saver and one of the most useful and efficient tools when moving furniture. With a furniture, dolly movers avoid the strain of lifting and moving furniture as the dolly does the work.

Furniture slides– Furniture slides are designed to protect surfaces while making it easy to move furniture across a room.

Moving straps– Straps are designed to reduce the weight from a mover’s back to a strong muscle group. Typically, straps are used by professional movers.


The proper lifting techniques

Using proper lifting techniques is essential when moving as it will reduce the risk of injury. You’ll be bending, pushing twisting, pulling, and using muscles that you haven’t used in some time. Get familiar with the proper moving techniques that include:

Lift heavy furniture with your legs, not your back. Bending your knees and keeping your back straight while you use the strength of your legs to will help to reduce the risk of injury.

When you can use sliders or a furniture dolly to move heavy pieces of furniture.

When it is necessary to turn to the side or completely around while holding heavy furniture, do so using your legs and not your hips.

Be sure that you are wearing comfortable clothing that is tight and not loses to avoid clothing getting tangled up and causing a slip or injury.

When moving furniture keep it centered around your body.

Be stable on your footing. When moving furniture do so slowly and cautiously. Don’t overstep. Small steps are safest.

When moving heavy furniture keep your eyes focused forward.

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