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Senior Move From Sydney? Reduce the Stress

Senior Move From Sydney? Reduce the Stress


Moving at any age is stressful. For seniors, the task can be even more compounded. No move is a stress-free move, and no move doesn’t involve time and effort. There are measures seniors can take to help offset the stress and chaos of a move. If you are a senior, or moving with a senior, AAA City Removalist offers a few suggestions on how to make the move easier.

Plan Ahead. Planning ahead when Moving Sydney with a senior is essential. Planning should begin as soon as possible. Prior to packing, begin to downsize. Most often, when seniors move, they are moving to a smaller place. To help eliminate the stress, get rid of unwanted items by donating or selling or tossing unnecessary items that won’t be welcome or needed in the / the new place.

Don’t wait to start packing. First de-clutter, getting rid of unwanted and useless items, leaving only left what will be moved. Once you’ve done this, start packing early. Packing early eases the stress of the upcoming move. Consider how things are packed. Wrapping is important and fragile, and valuable items must be Carefully Wrapped. Sort through items, have a donate, a yard sale, trash and a keep. Go through closets and pack away all clothes with the Exception of clothes you’ll use in the next few weeks. If there are items you can’t part with, then have a separate box for them and decide when you get to your new home. Will your move include traveling? If the move is a short distance, the travelling might not have an impact on the senior. If there is a distance, such as an interstate move involved, then think about how to make the move as comfortable as possible- whether driving or flying.

The health of the senior is essential. Get the medical records transferred to the new doctor or request copies of their records. If a senior is on traditional Medicare, there likely will not need to be changes made to their health coverage. If they are on an HMC or PPO, you should find out if changes in the new state are necessary. Legal documents are another consideration, and it is necessary to make sure that any legal documents are up to date and in order. If new powers of attorney are needed or living wills will need to be drafted, do so in advance. Consider someone to prepare and handle the move for a senior. There are many companies that specialise in helping seniors move, including AAA City Removalist, who will consult and facilitate all aspects of the move, taking the pressure off the senior and ensuring a smooth relocation.

There are a few other things to consider when moving with a senior, including the days of the week that should be avoided. There are many movers that like to schedule moves over the weekend. Weekends are also normally considered premium time, which means higher Moving rates. Most seniors can move during the week without a problem, which means a better Moving Rate. Many seniors also have pets, which require care themselves when moving. Should you / your senior have pets, be sure that you secure the pet prior to the move, as well as have a secure means of transporting the pets that are comfortable and safe. There veterinary records should also be requested prior to the move and any medications the pet may be on. Another thing to include in the relocation for the senior is a Yellow Pages as there may be times they require the need to look up a number.

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