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7 Ways To Prepare for A Summer Move From Campbelltown

7 Ways To Prepare for A Summer Move From Campbelltown


Summer is one of the most appropriate times of the year for a move, especially for property owners with school aged children, simply because it is a time that school is out and the weather is good, so there is no ice on the road, wind, rain or snow to deal with when loading, transporting and unloading your furniture and belongings. If you have a summer relocation planned, AAA City Removalist offers the following tips to help you prepare for your relocation to your new location. We offer quality moves Sydney & Country NSW / Canberra & ACT / Interstate Removals (Canberra, Melbourne & Brisbane) at affordable moving rates.

Seven Tips To Prepare for A Summer Move

1. Start early preparing for moving day. Get in touch with removal companies to shop and compare quotes. Also, get in touch with friends that can help you with your Relocation preparations, as well as on moving day. Remember, summer is the busiest time of the year to move and it is important that you reserve your moving date and time with the relocation company as soon as possible. Starting no less that a month researching relocation companies will ensure that you spare yourself the headache of not having a company readily available.

2. Have your refreshments ready for everyone. Moving is tough, sweaty work that is exhausting. And, it is even more exhausting when there are refreshments to take a break to. With scorching heat and heavy work, you need to be ready with refreshments for your helpers or you will have a crew that is less than productive. Keep your friends, family and hired Campbelltown Removalists plenty hydrated and satisfied with light snacks like sandwiches and chips. Everyone will thank you and everyone will be much more grateful (not to mention, much more enjoyable as they won’t be hungry bears).

3. Get the kids to help. If your children are able bodied and responsible enough to help out with the move, then definitely allow them to help. Create ways on how the kids can help prior to the move and on moving day. Assign each of your children a task so that they can take pride in knowing that they are part of the move. Also, be there for your children. Communicate well as relocating can be scary. Allow your children to pack their own boxes with their belongings, giving them markers to list the contents of the box, as well as decorate the box and have them pack their own essential box (things they’ll need the first night into your new home). If your children are too young to help with your move, then ask a family member or friend to watch the children for a day or two so that you are sure they are supervised. It is easy to lose track of the kids and the pets on moving day due to the chaos.

4. Take advantage of the good weather and have a yard sale. You might not realise the potential of a yard sale buy hundreds of thousands of people buy something at a yard sale each week. So, this is a great way for you to get rid of everything you’d rather not take with you to your new home, as well as put a little cash in your pocket. If you do decide to hold a yard sale, label everything with a price and start early. Statistics show the best time to open your yard sale is at 7am on a Saturday.

5. Be sure that you disconnect and reconnect the utilities. You will not be happy if you find that suddenly you arrive at your new home, just to discover that your haven’t had the utilities connected, or worse yet, that you have an air conditioning unit that is broken, or the water has been shut off. Be sure that you disconnect your utilities at your current home and have them reconnected at your new home. Also, be sure that you put in a change of address with the Postal Office.

6. Protect heat sensitive items. Be sure that when packing heat sensitive items that you have done your research on how to pack and transfer the items. For instance, wax candles, electronics and aerosols should go with you in your air conditioned vehicle rather than in the back of a hot moving van where the heat could cause damage. Put these types of items in a separate box and clearly label the box or boxes so that you know to transport them in your car. As soon as you arrive to your new home, be sure to bring the boxes inside where it is cool.

7. Make a moving day kit. After a long day of moving furniture and boxes, you will be exhausted. Once you have your boxes off the truck and into your new home the best suggestion is not to feel like you have to get everything done at once. Make your kitchen functional, unpacking a few plates and silverware (should be in your essential box) and take one bathroom in the home and make it functional, as well as pull your mattresses into a room and your bedding. You will want to pack a moving essentials box for your first night in the home so you aren’t digging through each box trying to find what you need. Pack your toiletries with some fresh towels, a change of clothes for each member in the family, plastic ware and paper plates, and some easy to eat breakfast items, snacks and meals. You’ll be tired the first night in your home and you don’t want to have the chore of unpacking all your boxes just to find a dish or your shampoo.

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