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Staging Your Home While Packing for Your Sydney Move

Staging Your Home While Packing for Your Sydney Move


The two don’t seem to coincide at all, but both are essential. Packing is chaotic while staging involves perfection. Consider the following tips from the famous Removalists Sydney,  AAA City Removalist that accomplish the perfect appeal when staging a home and keep it neatly organised for moving.

Staging is preparing your home to have the most appeal to potential buyers. Staging is a marketing strategy that goes beyond a clean and tidy home. All odds and ends and updates are taken care of before the home going on the market for the home to show to its fullest potential.

Now comes the dilemma. You are getting ready to put your home on the market and moving is around the corner. The question arises. How do you pack and stage the home at the same time? Homes that are properly staged allow potential buyers to vision themselves as living in the home. To achieve this goal, removing personal belongings like family photos, etc. is necessary. Take down all the photos, souvenirs, knick-knacks, etc. Bright colours should be replaced with neutral colours to appeal to more buyers. Proper staging allows buyers to have a sense of living in the home from the moment they walk in the door. With that said, here is how to stage and pack to be fully prepared for a quick sale and fast relocation Sydney.



Start in the back of the house and go room by room getting rid of everything you will not be taking with you. Have different piles that include items to donate, sell and toss. Go through everything and try not to get too sentimental. For items that have no purpose but a sentimental value, put into a separate pile and come back to them the following week to decide. The more you can get rid of now, the less you’ll have to move, and the home will look tidier.

Pack / Stage

Again, take one room at a time, but this time with your packing supplies and start to remove and pack photos, souvenirs, and mementos. Wrap each item, pack each into a moving box and label the box. Pack boxes away in the closet or storage space.

Reduce Household Items

The fewer furnishings, wall prints, etc. the more spacious the look of the home. If you do not have a shed in the backyard or a storage area to store the items, then temporary storage is an option. The cleaner the look of the interior, the better it’s appeal.

Regardless of the size of your home, or the space available for storage, packing and staging before your home hitting the market is necessary. Staging means a quicker sale and a Sydney relocation that will be better organised.


  •   Before starting to de-clutter, sort and toss, designate an are in the home to store boxesThe space should be out of the way of the living space like the basement or attic. If the home does not have ample room, then consider temporary storage.
  •   Keep all countertops, tables, dressers, etc. clear of items. Staging will involve only two to three items on countertops like a beautiful soap dish in the bathroom along with hand towels, a cookbook next to the stove and vase with flowers by the sink in the kitchen, etc.
  •   Deep clean the kitchen. Take a pail of vinegar and water and wash the walls and floors, countertops, lights, etc. to get rid of all the grime.

Create a Moving Schedule

Creating a moving schedule will help property owners to stay on track. Considering a moving company like AAA City Removalist that can help to organise the move, lessening the stress of the relocation Sydney.

For more information on local or Interstate relocation, contact AAA City Removalist today. Check out the latest interview with Mr.David Amaneddine (CEO, AAA City Removalist)

Interview with David Amaneddine, CEO and Founder of AAA City Removalist


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