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Starting Removal Preparations Early in Australia

Starting Removal Preparations Early in Australia


Moving to a new house, possibly in a new part of town or even in a completely different city is one of the most exciting and thrilling things. From looking at new properties, to make a final decision, there is a lot to look out for. Did I cancel my memberships? Did I change my address? All of these things need to be thought about and taken care of if an easy and relaxing Removal is the goal. Once something is forgotten about or time was miss-handled, things will get increasingly hectic and much more stressful. The result is often a move that sticks in the back of your mind as one of those things that you don’t want to repeat.

Calling around, changing addresses, etc.

It doesn’t take much time and yet, many people forgot about making arrangements to have their mail delivered to the new place instead of the old one. The same goes for newspaper and other subscriptions that are delivered straight to the door. And that isn’t all. You need to make sure you call your insurances and other places that need to both send you mail and have an interest in knowing where you live.

Even if you are sure that you have contacted everybody of importance, it is smart to contact the local post office and inform them about your new address. Oftentimes, old friends, colleagues, relatives and other places you have forgotten to contact may send you mail to your old address. While it may not be so bad if some stuff gets lost, other things you will definitely want to receive. If your local post office is aware of your new address, they can forward you the mail there. That way you can be sure that none of your mail gets lost with the new owners or tenants of your old property.

Early Packing

Although it may not be your most appreciated activity, but without packing there is no moving. And since a lot of people tend to under estimate packing quite a bit, starting early should be something everybody does. In many cases, even small dressers, closets and other rooms that appear to not hold much stuff will be much larger than you thought. If you don’t start early enough, you may find yourself working through the night on the last day before your removal. You can easily avoid that, by starting a few days earlier than you had already planned with your Removalists. The reward is more relaxed packing procedures and no unwanted night shifts.

Packing Smart

Some people believe that there is no such thing as an art to pack. However, there really is. That is why some people find themselves digging through all of their boxes while looking for one simple item. Those who have Packed Smartly will be able to find whatever they need, when they need it.

Especially if you are planning on starting to pack early, it is incredibly important to pack smartly. Not only should you write the contents of any container either on labels or directly on the container, but you also need to make sure that you don’t pack away things that you know you will need before your move. Everything else that you are somewhat sure about not having to use before you move can go in the boxes.

If you need more information about your upcoming move, or if you want to receive more packing tips, speak with your friendly neighborhood removalist.

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